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Sts. Peter and Paul Parish, Plum, and Rev. Edward J. Jansky

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  • Matt Cross
    STS. PETER AND PAUL PARISH Plum, Fayette County, Texas The first Catholic settlers at Plum, then known as Plum Grove, six miles west of LaGrange, were a few
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007
      Plum, Fayette County, Texas

      The first Catholic settlers at Plum, then known as Plum Grove, six miles
      west of LaGrange, were a few Czech and Moravian families who came in 1890
      and 1891. Religious services were held in the Paul Korenek home until 1893
      and then Father Charles J. Benes came from Bluff to John Matocha�s to
      minister to the spiritual needs of this small flock until 1896. Under his
      supervision the first little church was then built and was dedicated on June
      29, 1897 under the title of Sts. Peter and Paul.

      Plum continued to be served from Bluff (now Hostyn) by Father Benes until
      1898, next by Father Bedrich (Fred.) Neubert until 1901, then by Father
      Joseph Szymanski until 1906, and finally Father Joseph V. Horacek until
      1911, when Hostyn became a mission of Ammannsville. Plum in turn became a
      mission of Cistern and was served from there by Fathers Alfons Raska,
      1911-1913; Bohumir (Godfrey) Kuratko, 1913-1916; and John Anders (briefly
      also by Rev. V. Koerner) 1916-1919. From 1919 to 1921 Father J. B. Karnowski
      served here from Smithville, and from 1921 to 1923 Father George Berberich
      from LaGrange. Father F. Cerny came also for a few weeks.

      On July 21, 1923, Father Paul P. Kaspar became the first resident pastor at
      Plum, had a beautiful and spacious rectory built, and served Hostyn from
      here until 1934, during which time St. Jerome�s parish school was built.
      Then for about two years Plum was a separate parish with Father Bronislaus
      M. Heintze and then Father Anthony Gorek as pastors. Since 1936 Plum and
      Hostyn are again under the same pastor residing at Plum.

      Father Kaspar continued as pastor from 1936 to 1943 when he was succeeded
      in December of that year by the present pastor, Father Edward J. Jansky.
      Under his charge a new church was built and dedicated on April 28, 1946,
      fifty years after the first church. The new building is of Roman style and
      built of multicolored stone quarried in nearby Muldoon.

      The parish has had about 128 families, almost 600 souls, has several
      Sisters to its credit, and two priests, both natives of Czechoslovakia,
      entered the seminary from here, Fathers Paul P. Kaspar (ordained October 16,
      1921) and John J. Hanacek (ordained March 19, 1936).

      Plum parish includes the old communities of Golden Valley, Prairie Valley,
      Bridge Valley and West Point.

      Rev. Edward J. Jansky

      Fr. Jansky was born near Yoakum and soon afterwards moved to Shiner where he
      attended primary school and St. Ludmila�s High School. Entered St. John�s
      Seminary in 1919 and with the exception of two years of theology at Meinrad,
      Indiana, completed his studies there. Ordained, March 25, 1930. Served as
      Administrator of Cistern and Barton�s Creek (1930-32), Pastor of Hillje
      (1932-43), and has been pastor of Plum and Hostyn since December 1943,
      during which period the new church at Plum (1946) and the new rectory at
      Hostyn (1949) were built.

      [Source: Gilbert, M.J. (ed.) & Archdiocese of San Antonio, Archdiocese of
      San Antonio, 1874-1949: an illustrated record of the foundation and growth
      of parishes, missions, and religious institutions in that part of Texas
      under the spiritual jurisdiction of the See of San Antonio, page 73.]

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