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Czechs and Blood Types/Genetics studies

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  • Sara Ann Barton
    Please note: forwarded message attached There was a recent request for Rh negative statistics in the Czech population. I did a Medline search of the medical
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2007
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      Please note: forwarded message attached

      There was a recent request for Rh negative statistics in the Czech population. I did a Medline search of the medical and scientific literature and found an article in a Czech medical journal, wrote to the author and asked for the prevalence among Czech women. Dr. Lubusky replied saying it is 15%. In the process of searching for Rh negative articles I saved in the attached file anything I came across about genetic studies in Czech populations in case anyone is interested. Sara Barton

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      Dear Dr. Lubusky:
      With interest I read the abstract of your article, [Prevention of Rh (D) alloimmunization in Rh (D) negative women in pregnancy and after birth of Rh (D) positive infant]. Ceska Gynekologie. 71(3):173-9, 2006 May. Unfortunately we do not have access to Ceska Gynekologie. Would you please be so kind as to send me an estimation of the prevalence of Czech women who are Rh negative? Thank you.
      Sara Ann Barton

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      Looking at my mom's ancestor charts, the families were very large centuries ago. But in several generations almost half the children died at birth. I am wondering about the RH factor, which with modern medicine is no longer a problem. Mom herself is RH negative. Any statistics for this in the Czech population? Thanks, Frances


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