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Re: On behalf of Bernard Gaas

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  • paulasmaggie
    ... so here ... Bernard, Thank-you for a sweet story. From reading the stories lately I would say a lot of memories were made in the dance halls of Central
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 1, 2007
      --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, "Pat Lyon" <patsroar@...> wrote:
      > My cousin Bernard was having trouble posting this and asked me to,
      so here
      > it is. Nice memories.

      Bernard, Thank-you for a sweet story. From reading the stories
      lately I would say a lot of memories were made in the dance halls of
      Central Texas. I bet a lot of couples met and fell in love in those
      dance halls. If only the walls could talk. pfoster
      > Hi Lollie,
      > Nice story Lottie, about your favorite teacher there in West
      Columbia, Hi.
      > Back in those days, , I lived near Bay City,, where they had the
      annual Rice
      > Festival. The best part was the hour long parade which always
      > Hi School bands, and I always liked to watch Band director
      > Kubena and his West Columbia Hi School band in the parade.. Yes,
      I saw you
      > guys there many times. Albert was such a fine looking band
      leader and
      > the band looked and performed splendidly.. I knew Al
      > because we lived in the community of
      > Frenstat , Which was near Dime Box. Alberts beautiful wife,
      > Pivonka, also comes from Hi Prairie, which was a stones throw
      > Frenstat.. I feel certain that I was an altar boy at their
      > Anyway, I used to think Dorothy and her sister ,
      > Gerldine, were the prettiest girls there were.!! Must remind
      you here,,
      > that Albert Kubenas wife, Dorothy was the Kolach Queen at the
      Kolach baking
      > Festival in Caldwell, several times. Some of you surely
      remember that
      > Albert and Dorothy retired to The
      > Deanville or Dime Box area, where Albert died while still a
      young man..
      > My recollections of Dime Box are when the Catholic Church there
      was a
      > mission to Frenstat's Holy Rosary Parish. Father Matl from
      the Frenstat
      > Parish, ministered to both parishes and the muddy roads
      sometimes were
      > almost impassable, especially on the 1934 model Plymouth coupe
      that Father
      > Matl drove, so Mr. Clement Sobotik always drove him in his
      1930 Model A
      > Ford when
      > the weather made the roads almost impassable.. The mud roads
      were no
      > problem for this Ford!
      > Dime Box was largely, a Breathern community, in the beginning,
      from the
      > size of their cemeteries, Although, the catholic church there
      has had
      > their own pastor for lots of years. Happy
      > Memories.............................
      > Bernard Gaas
      > bernard.gaas@...
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