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Re: [TexasCzechs] Where did George and Agnes Gass come from! Austria, Bohemia is not enouth

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  • Shirley Polk
    Yes, Bernard, I agree with you. He probably isn t from Bohemia. I read somewhere that a lot of times people said they were from Bohemia then bacause they
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      Yes, Bernard, I agree with you. He probably isn't from Bohemia. I read somewhere that a lot of times people said they were from Bohemia then bacause they thought people would treat them better as it was some sort of status to be from there- not sure why except I think that it might have been an art and political center.  I was going to suggest that if you can find out where some of their friends came from and other passengers on the ships. I did that and found out that most of their friends all came from the same general area in Moravia that my grandmother was from but didn't know at the time. I checked the church registers for baptisms and found that they had been Godparents to several children which listed where they were from. Then I checked where the parents were from and found that my great-grandmother gave the name of the village she was from. Imagine my surprise when I found it.
      I was going to suggest the naturalization records but see someone else has already suggested that.
      Also I checked school records of my grandfather and found some information I didn't have on them.
      I can check with Dr. Simicek in the Czech Republic and see if he knows anything about the Gas family - He seems to know an awful lot about the Czech families in Texas -- if you like. I asked him about my son-in laws family who knew nothing about their ancestors and he emailed me back half a page of information. If I can think of other things such as records and places I tried, I let you know. Also is it possible they shortened their name when they took passage to America.  
      Good luck with your search.

      yardman77901 <bgaas@...> wrote:

      Yes, Yes, Shirley, on everything you wrote, these are the right
      Gaass' even though they spelled their last name Gas at the time.
      Yaroslav Jana from CR. republic did some researching and said Gas
      sometimes appears in the phone books, but not any other way. I
      think he found 18 in different villages, called all, almost none
      realized that they had Ancestors, more than their present
      generations. I guess its not much different in this country.
      makes it pretty tough on some of us researchers. My grandpa,
      seemed to be a progressive person, bought his own farms, applied
      and received citizenshiop, with out once giving his village of
      origin,, I bet he was a shark of a poker player! When he
      died, how would anyone know where he was born if he never told
      anyone. On the ship passenger lists, He apparently opened his
      mouth only to eat and drink, and answer any questions as
      briefly as possible. He sure doesn't appear to be a bohemian to

      From: Shirley Polk
      To: bgaas@cox-internet. com
      Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2006 12:24 AM
      Subject: Records

      Hi Bernard,
      I too had a real problem finding where my grandmothers, both of them
      came from. Since you know they were in Washington Country check the
      courthouse records there , then the Caldwell courthouse records.
      Check their birth records and death records if you can find them.
      Also try the 1880 census records.Census records sometimes give
      information as to where they came from and number of children and
      where they are born. Is your Gas, the one in Baca immigrations lists
      volume1. I came across a George Gas, 34, Agnes 26, Richard 9/12,
      Bohemia, on the ship called "Hannover" on the 27, December 1873. page
      104. You might also try the passenger list if you can find it listed
      somewhere.You might try the Galveston Seaport Museum and see if they
      came into Galveston. It is on line and had a rather large data base.
      You do need to register to use it but it is free.
      After almost ten years of research on one of my grandmothers I found
      her on a passenger list on the internet by accident when I was
      searching some web sites in the Czech Republic. I found it and
      emailed the address on the website and found out a lot of
      information. It was a great feeling.I hope you find your information
      soon and hope I did offer a little help. Let us know your progress.
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