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Re: [TexasCzechs] Hotels in Prague

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  • Nangotoo
    The picture is beautiful, Madelyn. :-) Thanks for sharing that so we can see. Would you mind sharing some more of your travel experiences? Some of us
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 4, 2006
      The picture is beautiful, Madelyn.  :-)  Thanks for sharing that so we can see.  Would you mind sharing some more of your travel experiences?  Some of us haven't been there yet and it would be wonderful to hear more about traveling in that country.  Even the little experiences would be interesting to hear about.  My ancestors came from Frenstat and Sviadnov (Frydek-Mistek District).
      Anything that anyone can tell me about that part of Moravia is always welcome, but I love to hear about the whole country. 

      I am certainly no expert, but most of the really nice Prague hotels are expensive.  However, have you tried to get a nice "hotel" room in New York,  Houston, or other major city?  These prices are for "air-conditioned" hotels.  We once stayed at the Holiday Inn nearer to the airport for a quick get-away in the morning... unbelievably hot...nice room, but could hardly sleep. If you can sleep without AC, you can get a cheaper room. Since we are not in Prague for more than two nights and since we are normally there in July or August ... we, of course, treat ourselves to the AC, a necessity... not a luxury. 
      Having a hotel in the areas I described - central Prague - add to the experience.. . you walk out of  your  hotel and enter that "fairy tale" world...you explore, admire, appreciate ... you see things you could never see here or almost anywhere else in the world.  Being in the central part of Prague allows you to walk to almost everything there is to see.  This is a bonus... if you get tired, you just go back to your hotel... take a nap... and go again. The only reason we took a cab up to the castle was because it was UP, UP, UP to the castle.  The walk "down" is not bad at all.

      Finally, my daughter and her friend, Danielle,  left us in Vienna and traveled to Paris and London for three more days each.  Their accomodations in the central part of each city were just as expensive as our rooms in Prague, but not nearly as nice. They described their room in Paris as a closet.  Just the beds.   You get very much more bang for your buck in Prague.

      Our accomodations in Trojanovice were about $65/night for two twin beds and private bath... no AC.  We bought two large oscillating fans to  use there and donated them to a nursing home when we left... they were also about $65 each.   They were necessary for a good night's sleep.

      I hope this helps.  And, yes, we had a great trip.

      PS: I am trying to attach a photo to this email.  My earlier attempt failed. It is of my daughter, Ashley Dusek, and her college roommate, Danielle.  I just love Prague castle in the background.

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