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  • chefanita@classicnet.net
    Jennifer, Don t you dare be sorry for sharing your family s story. You did nothing wrong in sharing your story. It s your family history and it s geneology and
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2006


      Don't you dare be sorry for sharing your family's story. You did nothing wrong in sharing your story.  It's your family history and it's geneology and that's what we're all about.  I personally love history, even when it can stir strong emotions, be they happy, sad, joyous or angry.   It brings home how lucky we are to have the personal freedoms that we all have (despite the current political climate) to agree or disagree and freely speak our minds. 

      I would love to have a family story from the old country, even if it was as haunting as yours.  Count yourself blessed to have had family members who kept the history alive and pass it on to future generations.  And please, don't stop sharing.

      Anita Prazak 

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