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  • Zdenek Malcik
    Hello, it is relatively new application on pages Portal of the Public Administration (http://portal.gov.cz/wps/portal/_s.155/6966/place?lng=cz) but the map
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 29, 2006
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      it is relatively new application on pages "Portal of
      the Public Administration"
      but the map page is only in Czech. Sometimes it can be
      unavailable due to upgrade or modification. A
      brilliant feature is searching a house by number but
      the name of a village must be only in Czech with
      "haceks and carkas". When you type for example
      "Tasovice 314" (and click on found adress "Tasovice,
      314 (adresa)" )you can see where is my mothers house.

      Zdenek Malcik
      Brno, CR

      --- FAJKUS3@... wrote:

      > I saw your post on the Texas czech e-groups and
      > really do like the maps sites
      > you suggested. The third one
      > xeon.env.cz/mapmaker/cenia/portal/index.php
      > was the best one I've ever seen, and I really did
      > find it to be the most
      > helpful tool. However, a couple of days ago, I can
      > not seem to get it to load
      > again. It only goes so far, and then stops, and the
      > map never appears. Do you
      > have any idea what is wrong? Is it something with
      > that web site? Since I
      > cannot understand the Czech language, I cannot read
      > or notify anyone.
      > Can you see if there is anything wrong with the
      > site?
      > Thanks so much.
      > Betty

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