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Re: [TexasCzechs] Czech Dumplings

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  • Richard A Garza
    Hi Elaine, ... Are dumplings really a native Czech food? If so, I would like to know more about Czech dumplings, in particular, the ones that start out kinda
    Message 1 of 131 , Dec 2, 2005
      TexasCzechs - Traditional Czech Yeast-raised Dumplings - Knedlíky
      Traditional Czech Raised Dumplings

      By Louise Slansky Keyes, a Texas Czech

      Ingredients (Surovinný/Ingredience):
      3 Tbsp Red Star® dry Yeast
      6–7 Cups Flour, all-purpose
      1 C lukewarm water, approximately (a total of about 2–1/4 cups)
      3-4 tsp Salt
      Pinch Sugar
      2 Eggs

      Preparation (Postup přípravy):

      Sift all-purpose flour (polohrubé mouky) and 3 to 4 tsp salt (lžičky soli) into a bowl and make a well in the center. Into the well, stir 3 Tbsp Red Star® active dry yeast (droždí) (available at Sam’s by the twin-pound package and stores very successfully in freezer), a pinch of sugar (špetka cukru) and about 1 cup lukewarm water (vlažné vody), preferably unchlorinated. After practice you will get the feel of the amount of flour and water (voda) to get the desired texture for a dough slightly softer than bread dough. The yeast/water mixture should start to bubble in about 2 minutes. Now add the 2 eggs (vejce) and more warm water as needed. Stir thoroughly and knead (zadělat) into dough with a wooden dough paddle (like we used to make homemade bread when we were growing up). Knead until the dough is just slightly softer than for bread (chléb).

      Let dough rise only slightly - about 5 minutes. Cut dough into portions. Knead each portion well or ‘til smooth, and shape into long, but small loaves that will fit in your pot, about 6-inches long by 2-inches in diameter works well. Leave to rise on floured drainboard about 10 minutes, or ‘til they increase in size by 1/4 to 1/3.

      Drop into salted boiling water (an oblong, heavy roaster like Magnalite® works best) and cover immediately. Do not lift lid, and boil 15 minutes, after which you lift them out to drain on a wire rack, sponging with paper towels to pick up some excess water.

      Cut with thread (or unwaxed dental floss) crisscrossed in your hands. Slip thread under the dumpling, bringing the ends up and crossing them, thus cutting the slice. An electric knife works fine. Just be sure to cool bread some first before slicing. Repeat with 2 more loaves (2 usually fit) and if water level gets too low, add more, heating it well before dropping in loaves.

      Preparation Time (Doba přípravy):
      75 minutes

      Dobrou Chut’

      Notes: If you can’t find Red Star®, any active dry yeast such as Fleischmann’s® or SAF® should work fine. Texture of dough should be soft, but not sticky, and easy to work, similar to sweet bread dough. Don’t even be tempted to peek at the dumplings while they boil. A foot-long piece of flossing thread works well for slicing the dumplings.
      Mrs. Keyes' immigrant family came from Moravia, a part of the Austrian Empire that now makes up Czech Republic, and settled in Fayette County, Texas.
      Rick Garza


      ©Copyright 2002 Richard A. Garza. All Rights Reserved.

    • Nangotoo
      Looks good. Yum......I see donuts and breads, but Patsy, where s the Kolaches? Nan Thought some of you would like to see some of my food photos from my trip.
      Message 131 of 131 , Sep 28, 2007
        Looks good. Yum......I see donuts and breads, but Patsy, where's the Kolaches?
        Thought some of you would like to see some of my food photos from my trip.  I know Rick is anxiously waiting for the photos.  The first 10 minutes in the Czech Republic I found a bakery.  I can say from experience everything was great.  Enjoy, Patsy

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