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  • George Patrick
    View Atlas Data Page 1 of 1 Farmers Mutual Protective Association of Texas (RVOS) Report Error Marker Number: 1572 Marker Title: Farmers Mutual Protective
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
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      Farmers Mutual Protective Association of Texas (RVOS)

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      Number:           1572

      Marker Title:           Farmers Mutual Protective Association of Texas (RVOS)


      Index Entry:  Farmers Mutual Protective Association of Texas (RVOS)



      City:  Temple vicinity

      County: Bell UTM Zone: 14

      UTM Easting: 677427

      UTM Northing: 3438863

      Subject BU CZ; FO;


      Year Marker

      Erected:           1986

      Designations:           na

      Marker From Temple, take FM 53 east about 10 miles to junction of FM 53 and FM 320, marker is

      Location: 1/2 mile north on FM 320. Marker Size: 27” x 42” Subject

      Repairs Refinish


      Marker Text:            The Farmers Mutual Protective Association of Texas (Rolnicky Vzajemne Ochranny Spolek Statu Texasu) was organized in the community of Ocker (400’ NW) by nine men of Czechoslovakian descent on February 27, 1901. Created as a means of providing farmers and rural citizens with insurance coverage, the association was a cooperative effort of neighbors ready to help each other in times of need. By the rules of the non-profit organization, only rural property was Insurable, and each member was obligated to pay a share of any losses sustained by fellow members. In 1933, city property became insurable. Association officers worked from their homes until 1946, when offices were rented in Temple. A home office was built on South 4th Street in 1950, and replaced by a new building at 2301 South 37th Street in 1981. Charter members of the association were: Joseph R. Marek (1856-1936), Martin Stepan (1859-1935), Joseph R. Schiller (1874-1918), Frank J. Wotipka (1847-1933), Josef Wentrcek (1860-1922), F. Vincenc Schiller (1849-1941), Jan Baletka (1858-1939), Joseph Schiller (1847-1929), and Jan Zabcik (1856-1916). (1986)
























      http://atlas.thc.state.tx.us/commonlviewform.asp?atlas_num=502700 1 572&site_name=Far... 11/1/2005

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