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Re: [TexasCzechs] Re: Stavinoha Geneology

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  • Patricia Mercincavage
    Myrna, The Stavinoha family shown below is in the 1900 US Census for Precinct 1, Lavaca County TX. There is a daughter Mary, shown with the birth year 1892.
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 2, 2005
      The Stavinoha family shown below is in the 1900 US Census for Precinct 1, Lavaca County TX.  There is a daughter Mary, shown with the birth year 1892.  The census image indicates that the father, Frank Stavinoha, immigrated to the US in 1860, and his wife Apolena immigrated in 1882.
      There is also a Mary Jalufka shown in the 1920 US census for Justice Precinct 3, DeWitt County, TX.  Her husband is Joe, and the children's names seem to be Anna, Katie, Julia, Flortina, Victor, and Alfons.
      Mary Jalufka is later shown as a divorced head of household in the 1930 US Census for Precinct 8, Refugio county, TX, with children Victor, Alfonse, Raymond, and Edwin.
      Just a few possibilities for your research. 
      Pat Mercincavage
      researching: Machacek, Kracala/Krachala, Svetlik, Reha/Rehy, Hieronymus, Shaw, and others.
      Database: 1900 United States Federal Census

      NameHome in 1900
      Estimated Birth YearBirthplaceRaceRelation to Head-of-house
      Frank StavinohaJustice Precinct 1 , Lavaca , Texasabt 1851MährenWhiteHead
      Apolena StavinohaJustice Precinct 1 , Lavaca , Texasabt 1871MährenWhiteWife
      Albina Stavinoha
      Justice Precinct 1 , Lavaca , Texasabt 1894TexasWhiteDaughter
      Josefa StavinohaJustice Precinct 1 , Lavaca , Texasabt 1898TexasWhiteDaughter
      Julia StavinohaJustice Precinct 1 , Lavaca , Texasabt 1887TexasWhiteDaughter
      Mary StavinohaJustice Precinct 1 , Lavaca , Texasabt 1892TexasWhiteDaughter
      William StavinohaJustice Precinct 1 , Lavaca , Texasabt 1890TexasWhiteSon

      Source Information:
      Ancestry.com. 1900 U.S. Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT: MyFamily.com, Inc., 2004. Original data: United States. 1900 United States Federal Census. T623, 1854 rolls. National Archives and Records Administration, Washington D.C.

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      Subject: RE: [TexasCzechs] Re: Stavinoha Geneology

      I am trying to find out about my grandmother Mary Stavinoha.  She was born 3-12-1892.She died in California 5-27-1952, but was buried at Choate, Texas.

      She married Joe Jalukfa (Jaluvka) - born 1882 in Praha, Texas.

      Their children were:  Raymond (my father), Rustina (Pat), Victor, Alfonse, Edwin.

      I do know Mary had siblings: Sofie, Annie, Alvina and brother, Willy.

      My grandfather Joe's siblings were: Charlie, Adolf, Eddie, Lucy, Lilly.  They were raised around Yorktown, Victoria, Edna, Port Lavaca.


      Mary and Grandpa Joe divorced and she married a man last name Jonas.


      Both of my grandparents died before I was born.  I have learned alot about the Jalufka side, but thats all I know about the Stavinohas.  I have no contact with that side of the family at all.

      My father passed away, 10 years ago, and no one else is left that remembers anything to help me.

      You can contact me at Garrisonfarms@....

      Thanks for any help.

      Thank you,
      Myrna (Jalufka) Garrison
      Researching: Jaluvka, Olsovsky, Stavinoha, Atkinson, Holland, Taylor, Powhatten, Hamilton

    • jdavid2tx
      This is what I have found on this family. Any additions, corrections, comments, etc. are appreciated. Joseph John Jalufka was the son of Jacob Jalufka
      Message 2 of 7 , Jun 13 10:53 AM
        This is what I have found on this family. Any additions, corrections, comments, etc. are appreciated. 

        Joseph John Jalufka was the son of Jacob Jalufka (1853-1945) and Marianna "Mary" Olsovsky (1862-1940). He was born March 18, 1882 in Fayette County. On December 27, 1904 he married Julia Baca (1887-1911) in DeWitt County. Her parents were Frank Baca and Mary Stasin according to her death certificate. Her husband Joseph was the informant for the DC. Julia had a brother Adolph Baca (1885-1918) who’s DC gave the same parents although the mother’s name was spelled Sassin which is probably the correct spelling.  Adolph Baca married Julia Jalufka (1887-1957), Joseph’s sister. Julia is buried in National Cemetery, Yorktown, DeWitt County as Julie Jalufka. Joseph and Julia Baca Jalufka had four known children before her early death on 23 April 1911.

        1. The first was Anna Belle Jalufka, born about 1906. She married Albert E Conger and they were living with her father on 21 April 1930. They had four children and were divorced because their last child is born in 1936 and in 1940 he has a child with another woman.  Anna Belle was listed as Annie Jonas in her half-brother Edwin Jalufka’s obit in 2008 as preceeding him in death.  There is an Anna Belle Jonas (Oct. 15, 1906-Sept. 16, 1992) buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Uvalde. She was married to John Fred Jonas (April 3, 1917-Dec. 10, 1993) who may have been the son of Julius F. Jonas who is claimed to have married Mary Stavinoha, Anna Belle’s step-mother.
        2. The second was Carrie Jalufka, born 15 Sep 1908. After being enumerated with her family in 1910 and 1920, she went to California where she appeared in 1928 on the voter rolls in Orange County, working as a saleslady. In January of 1929 she and Frank Arthur Clift (1909-1985) got a marriage license and married and had at least one child. Carrie is buried in Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, Orange, Orange County, CA.
        3. Third was Julia Jalufka born about 1909.
        4. Last was Leon Jalufka, born 16 Mar 1911 and died 23 May 1911. His place of death and birth was Yorktown, DeWitt County. Leon is buried in National Cemetery, Yorktown, DeWitt County, TX. Shortly thereafter his mother Julia died on 23 April 1911.

        Not long after his first wife’s death, Joseph Jalufka married Mary Stavinoha (1891-1953). They had five known children.

        1. The first was Flortina Jalufka born 30 Aug 1912. Her birth certificate has given name blank. The 1920 census has Flortina age eight and is the only source for her name.  This may be Pat Lindsey listed as a survivor in Edwin Jalufka’s obit, called Rustina by Joe Garrison.
        2. Second was Victor Jalufka, born March 10, 1915. He married Princess Joy Brown (1928-___) and died August 13, 1994 in Brownwood. He is buried in Mount Olive Cemetery in Goldthwaite.
        3. Third was Alfunce "Fats" Jalufka born January 09, 1918. He married Betty Pearl Teague (1931-2007). He died August 16, 1984 and is buried in Choate Cemetery where his parents are buried.
        4. Fourth is Raymond Jalufka, born December 10, 1920. He married Hazel Arlene Atkinson (1923-2009), a sister of Dorothy Lois Atkinson who married Raymond’s brother Edwin. Raymond died on June 7, 1995, probably in Arkansas, and is buried in Kilgore Cemetery, Birdtown, Conway County, AR.
        5. Fifth and last is Edwin Hugh Jalufka born January 20, 1924 in Austwell, Regugio County . He married Dorothy Lois Atkinson (1931-2007). Edwin died February 27, 2008 and is buried in Choate Cemetery.

        Mary Stavinoha Jalufka was listed with husband Joe in the 1920 census but in 1930 was enumerated in Refugio County where she gave her marital status as divorced. She was working as a laundress at home. Her last son Edwin was born in Refugio County in January of 1924 so it seems likely that she left Joe in 1923 and perhaps that is when they divorced. In 1940 Mary was in Karnes County living two houses away from former husband Joe. She said she had been living in Karnes County in 1935.

        Mary Stavinoha Jalufka later married a man named Jonas according to her grandson Joe Garrison. She died 27 May 1953 in Orange County, California and her body was returned to Texas for burial in Choate Cemetery. Her step-daughter Carrie Jalufka Clift also lived and died in Orange County, CA. A family tree in Ancestry.com says that Mary married Julius F. Jonus (1869–1947) on Feb. 25, 1941 in Karnes City, Karnes County, Texas but this has not been documented. When Julius died in 1947 his death certificate said he was a widower.


        Mary Stavinoha is most likely the daughter of Frank Stavinoha (1850-1924) and Apolena Stavinoha (1861-1944). They had the same last name. Frank Stavinoha and Apolena Stavinoha were married 18 Aug 1885 in Fayette County. Apolena’s DC says that she was the daughter of Joe Stavinoha and was born in Czechoslovakia which would have been Austria at the time. In 1900 both Frank and Apolena gave their place of birth as Moravia.


        Joseph "Joe" John Jalufka died June 09, 1955 in Kenedy, Karnes County and is buried in Choate Cemetery, Choate, Karnes County.






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