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Re: [TexasCzechs] The Eagle, the Man, and the Lions

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  • SRektorik@aol.com
    Dear Daniel, Thank you for expressing interest in my stories. I am more than willing to share them as paper copies with the Harris County Czech Heritage
    Message 1 of 4 , May 6, 2000
      Dear Daniel,

      Thank you for expressing interest in my stories. I am more than willing to
      share them as paper copies with the Harris County Czech Heritage Society.

      The stories I have shared on the Texas Czech web site have been ones which
      attempt to capture what the lives of Texas Czechs were like. These I can
      forward as is. As far as Texas Czech and their contributions, I am sure I
      can obtain permission to Mr. Jo Charba to submit a copy of his autobiography.
      Already prepared, I have the life history of my father, Julius Rektorik,
      which I researched and wrote when the Robstown Historical Commission honored
      him as a life time citizen with a strong history of civil service. It is my
      hope that this biography will be included as my Dad was one of the first
      children of Texas Czech settlers who attended college, taught in a public
      school system and was involved in the State Guard during World War II as an
      air raid warden, coast watch for enemy planes and U-boats, and in many other
      local civic organizations. I have not published his story on the Texas Czech
      site for my dad was born in 1913 and is so much younger than the ones of
      which I currently write. However, his contributions are noteworthy.

      I am also the great-granddaughter of Tom Mrazek who designed, engineered, and
      manufactured the Mrazek Grubbing Plow which allowed the area around Corpus
      Christi to be cleared of the "running mesquite" and put into cultivation when
      commercially available plows were not up to task. His plow cleared the
      roadway for the first highway between Robstown and Corpus Christi. He is
      noted in many references on Nueces County and Robstown. He also designed,
      manufactured the parts for and built a steam-powered cotton gin in Williamson
      County, Texas. Tom Mrazek was a Czech Texan worthy of mention in the history
      books. I have been gathering information, photos and references on him for
      several years. Because of his gifts and the practical application of his
      genius, it is taking me a while to determine how best to capture him in
      writing. Your project would give me impetus. Please let me know when Czech
      Heritage Month is and I will pull together not only a biography but photos of
      his Williamson County cotton gin, the Mrazek Grubbing Plow Factory in
      Robstown, and a photo of the plow as well as a photo of the Mrazek homestead
      here in Robstown. The significance of this man, Tom Mrazek, can be found in
      the articles in both the Nueces County Historical Commission Bulletin, the
      Robstown Record which is the local paper, as well as books on Williamson
      County and the Czechs in Nueces County. I would love to do this and I would
      appreciate having an outlet so that I can have a product which is shared with
      a sizable audience. There is not a large audience which I have found which
      will understand and appreciate the stories which I tell.

      Please let me know if you are interested in the Tom Mrazek Profile and when
      Czech History Month is. I will pull together a nifty and informative
      package. I will also edit and send hard copies of the stories which I have
      already published on the Texas Czechs web site.

      With Interest and Appreciatively,

      Susan Rektorik Henley
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