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Re: [TexasCzechs] Krizan Hotel photo

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  • Beverly Franco
    Hi Frances, Please send photo to me bfranco1@swbell.net and thanks Frances Barton wrote:I sent this photo over the listserv a couple
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 3, 2005
      Hi Frances, Please send photo to me bfranco1@... and thanks

      Frances Barton <fbarton@...> wrote:
      I sent this photo over the listserv a couple of years ago. Since the
      current discussion centers on the Krizan name I decided to send it
      again. Does anybody recognize this? Frances Barton
      Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 19:23:51 -0600
      From: Frances Barton <fbarton@...>
      To: fbarton@...
      Subject: [Fwd: krizan hotel copy.jpg]

      I need help, please, in identifying this photo. I am purposefully
      sending it as a small file to make it easier to open. Much detail is
      lost, however, so I will provide a little narrative detail:

      1. The large sign on top of the hotel says Krizan-Rooms (I believe
      the rooms part is accurate).
      2. The sign on the post approximately underneath the K in Krizan
      says Galveston Brewing Company Lager Beer (this company began operations
      in Galveston approximately in 1895).
      3. The post to the right of the post in #2 above has an identical
      sign to #2.
      4. What seems to be the front door of the establishment, between the
      post in #2 and #3, being closer to #2, has a sign that says Krizan
      Hotel. To the right of this sign is yet another Galveston Brewing
      Company Lager Beer sign.
      5. The man in the white coat, standing in front of the crowd and
      pretty much under the front door sign, seems to be directing. The woman
      to the left of him is pouring what I assume to be beer into a glass from
      a bottle. Two or three men to the left of her are holding glasses of
      probably beer.
      6. The crowd of people in the right half are wearing American type
      clothing. The crowd to the left are wearing European type clothing.
      7. The wires in the sky are possibly telegraph (?). Or perhaps
      8. And, very interestingly, the four musicians in the center front
      of the crowd are all playing strings, one bass and three violins. Much
      more a Moravian than a Bohemian kind of ensemble.

      I found this photo in a box of photos that belonged to my mother,
      Elsie Pokorny Barton (Mrs. Josef A. Barton). I will most happily send a
      larger file which would include more detail. Please let me know if
      anybody wants me to do this.

      Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

      Frances Barton
      Austin, Texas

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