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Viewing the Czech Republic

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      FYI: (cross post from CZ-TRADITIONS)

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      Subject: [CZ-TRADITIONS] Viewing the Czech Republic
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      Czech Republic considered backward, its image abroad horrible

      (PDM staff with CTK) 7 July - The Czech Republic is a rather
      undeveloped country inhabited by simple, hard-working peasants,
      according to a poll ordered by the Foreign Ministry which the Mlada
      fronta Dnes (MfD) daily published yesterday.

      "When we read it for the first time, we didn't want to believe it,"
      Jana Adamcova, the communication strategy department head at the
      Foreign Ministry, admitted.

      The poll was carried out in Austria, Britain, France, Germany, Japan,
      Sweden and the USA among educated people, mainly middle class and

      It showed that Czechs are considered poor and with strong ties to the
      land and landscape. Moreover, they are sad and melancholic, without
      initiative, backward and non-cosmopolitan, the paper writes.

      Miloslav Knepr from the Mark BBDO agency, which processed the poll's
      results, said they at first could not understand why foreigners said
      Czechs produce especially sunflower oil and tower clocks.

      "Then we realised this must be because of nice pictures of Czech
      landscapes: blues skies, green hills and yellow fields with
      sunflowers," Knepr said.

      He added that the tower clocks are connected with the famous
      astronomical clock of the Old Prague Town Hall. "When foreigners see
      it on photographs, they think it may be something typical," he told

      "Those people do not consider the Czech Republic a modern country,"
      Knepr said.

      It seems that Czechs themselves are responsible for their
      image abroad. The country presents itself as one of castles and
      memorials which makes the young foreigners ask what they would do
      there, the paper writes.

      Now the Czech Republic has an image of a country which people visit
      for cheap beer and cheap girls, it adds.

      "Prague is a place where the British go for a cheap drinking party.
      cannot understand them, but we don't offer them anything else," Knepr

      According to the poll, only 40 percent of the French were able to
      locate the country in Europe. Moreover, the neighbouring Austrians
      similar problems.

      The worst opinion about Czechs have their neighbours. On the other
      hand, they are seen very positively by the Swedes.

      The most popular Czechs abroad are pop singer Karel Gott, porn star
      Dolly Buster, star model Eva Herzigova and children's serial film
      figure, Mr Tau, the paper writes citing the poll.

      The image of the Czech economy has been improving, but the country is
      still known mainly thanks to its beer and glass, which have been
      exported traditionally.

      "I was shocked that some Americans consider [Antonin] Dvorak their
      favourite music composer, but they didn't know he was Czech,"
      psychologist Slavomil Hubalek told MfD. "Well, now tell me, whose
      fault is greater - theirs or ours?" he added.

      Adamcova said they plan a new image strategy which would show the
      country as a cultivated and developed one.


      CTK news edited by the staff of the Prague Daily Monitor, a Monitor

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