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Re: [TexasCzechs] Found family is Leo Baca's book

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  • Richard Garza
    Hi Diana, You ll discover many more spelling variations on the name based on Matthew. Since most of the records were recorded by hand, perhaps the n was
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 23, 2000
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      Hi Diana,
      You'll discover many more spelling variations on the name based on
      Matthew. Since most of the records were recorded by hand, perhaps the "n"
      was intended to be "hi" when first written.
      Most of Leo's work is based on the microfilms that are on microfilm with
      NARA (Nat'l Archives Research? Agency?). If you're in Texas, the closest
      NARA branch is in the DFW area. Try going to:
      http://search.nara.gov/ for more info.
      I don't know if you can get their microfilm through inter-library loan
      but someone on the list will surely know.
      I believe the dates are those supplied with the ship's manifests. The
      first port of entry is the one that the gov't listings show. They may
      have stayed in NY only long enough to find transportaion to Texas, either
      via another ship or by rail. If by ship, the next port of call could have
      been New Orleans or Galveston. Good source of ship info in Texas is at
      Rosenberg Lib in Galveston and the Seaport Museum in Galveston.
      Happy hunting!

      Sharing. It's What It's All About!
      Rick Garza

      On Thu, 23 Nov 2000 17:41:38 -0000 "Diana Proud" <dmproud@...>
      > I believe I found a listing for my great grandparents and family in
      > one of Leo Baca's books. It shows them to have arrived in New York,
      > well, anyway, here is the listing...can someone tell me what the
      > entry includes, I know the names and ages, but what follows: city
      > and
      > country of origin or departure, name of ship? and the date..is it
      > date of departure, date of arrival in NY? I forget which volume I
      > found the entry in, but it is on page 142 of the volume that would
      > include the time period 1885-1887.
      > MATNAS, Josef 37, Maria 38, Maria 9, Anton 6, Josef 3, Alois 1/2,
      > Roznow, Moravia; Hermann, 15 February 1886.
      > Also, where would I find the original entry that this information
      > came from? The spelling of the last name is not what anyone in the
      > family knows. But the first names are all correct and the ages are
      > about right (give or take for when birthdays were), and I know they
      > were in Gonzales, Tx by Feb. 1887.
      > Any help on this would be appreciated.
      > Thanks and enjoy the Turkey!!!!
      > Diana Matias Proud
      > Matijeas, Matijas, Matias and now Matnas

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