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  • Nangotoo
    ... And, well, that s appropriate: first the Red Sox win the World Series, and then hell freezes over.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 1, 2005
      >>It was on an internet news site that some towns in Texas just had a white Christmas for the first time in 86 years.
      And, well, that's appropriate: first the Red Sox win the World Series, and then hell freezes over.<<
      hahahahaha   My mom and I just about fell over when we heard that Victoria got snow, but when it showed that Galveston Island got snow, too, we just had to sit down.  My mom just said, "Huh?" with a stunned look on her face. It matched mine.  I was saying, "Whatttttt????" at the same time.  We looked at each other and laughed.  Well, I guess it proves that nothing is impossible after all, but we are still amazed.  Mom said that she has lived for nearly 77 years and she never thought she would live to see snow in Galveston (she lived there for a short time as a young woman, among other places).   I remember not long ago seeing a Christmas movie where it said that it would snow in New Orleans when hell froze over...well, I guess that must have happened because we saw on the news that it snowed there, too.  Its been a very wierd weather year in So. CA, too.  In this week's wind and rain storm we had here in So. CA, the LA area got a few tornadoes. That only happens once in awhile here in SoCal. The tornadoes are weak, but they do damage and take roofs off.  We are cleaning the damage up here in San Diego.  Trees and branches are down everywhere and there is another big wind and rain storm due this weekend.  Its been raining and sprinklng all day today.  We are hoping for good weather tomorrow for the parade and game, but then all hell is supposed to break out on Sunday and Monday again.  Now THIS is strange weather for SoCal, but then---its been strange all last year. I am ever mindful,though, as I complain about the weather here, this is NOTHING compared to what is going on in Asia.  I feel like the luckiest person in the world.  Our family knows what it is like to lose a home in an earthquake, but there just isn't any words to say how bad I feel for what is going on there. 

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