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Martinak, Perryopolis Pa ~thanks for kind words from group

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  • Donovan Nason-Snyder
    Hello again, I won t bore you with my long story again (from 12/30 s digest), but wanted to say a very sincere thank you to several group members who responded
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
      Hello again, I won't bore you with my long story again (from 12/30's
      digest), but wanted to say a very sincere thank you to several group members
      who responded with encouragment. Yes, it was a disapointment to be told to
      "get lost" by my birth father, but ~I had expected that from him, going into
      our brief phone call. But, I could never let something like that get me down
      at this stage of my very interesting and enjoyable life's story. I found my
      birth Mother about a year and a half ago, and a half sister that I never
      even imagined I might have! To make a long story short, my wonderful mother
      was litterally waiting every day of my life (33 years at the time of first
      contact), suffering, mourning, and praying for my safe return to her. We
      bonded instantly, and my best friend in life is now my beautiful sister
      Gina. A year and a half later, and 6 trips made back and forth between
      Florida and California... we still talk on the phone almost every night. I
      will ultimatly be moving to their town of Safety Harbor Florida so that we
      can finally get on with living our lives together as a family. So... I can't
      really feel all that bad ~not to be able to know my father (who was really
      awful to my natural mother, did not tell her that he was married with two
      kids allready... he was just a manipulative, oversexed bartender). My only
      interest in him at this point, is that he holds the key to information on
      the other illigitimate kids that he "fathered" ~but refuses to point us all
      towards eachother. These other kids probably don't even know that they have
      4 or 5 half siblings out there in the world, and may not even be looking
      anymore, after being turned away by our ugly mannered father.
      I do have one question for the group: What "lists" and postings can I
      make and on what sites, so that if one day another of my half siblings types
      in our father's last name of "Martinak" ~and his hometown of
      "Perryopolis"... my posting will pop up on Google for them to see? I have
      registered with Adoption.com and Rootsweb earlier in the week, but no
      evidence of my registry shows up on a google search for Martinak, at this
      point. Once I feel like my desire to find my other half siblings is
      "saturated" into the internet, then I can feel comfortable to "move on" and
      enjoy the wonderful family that I have allready found, and just hope that in
      God's time, he will point these siblings my way. Any tips for how to get my
      name and my "looking for Martinak" quest out there for others to easily run
      Thanks for the support and coaching,
      Happy New Year to you all!
      ~Donovan Snyder
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