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RE: [TexasCzechs] thank you..

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  • Zeke Owen
    Ms. Cindy Neal, Well I hardly know what to say. Yes this is my dad, Leo, and every one else from the family I remember too..Some of them were WWll combat
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 30, 2004
      Ms. Cindy Neal,   Well I hardly know what to say.  Yes this is my dad, Leo, and every one else from the family I remember too..Some of them were WWll combat veterans.  When I was very small during the 1940s I watched my mom pack Christmas gifts to mail to them to Europe, during the war of course.  As a matter of fact my mom worked at  Glenn L Martins Aircraft Plant somewhere around Baltimore.  Md. .....It was part of the war effort.  In those days every one did what they could to pitch in supporting the military, each other and they knew then it was a serious matter of survival........... I spent many days an nights alone when I was very small. as did a lot of kids.  There was not enough people available to care for us,  little kids somehow managed to care for them selves somewhat............................... When it would rain it was all I could do reach the crank and close the windows...... When my mom came home from building airplanes she would always praise me for closeing  the windows and keeping  the rain out....................Anyway Cindy,  you have brought some peace to my life at last...I am satisfied to know "what happened" to my dad...I will search now to find his resting place..My dad and I  were seperated for 26 years..I found him on a trip to San Francisco..My wife and I had been shopping all day.We stopped for a drink in China Town...suddenly I was over whelmed with the though; "my dads here someplace"..I jumped an ran for the telephone book,  and there was Mozisek,  Leo  right there in th San Francisco whitw pages.  I telephoned him ..It was quite a shock for both of us....we had a few hours visit..and continued to write back and forth...until his illness.....one day,  in the middle of a telephone call, he just said "I have to go now."  I never heard from or saw hi again .  I caught a plane to San Franan a taxi to hi apt. on Hays St..I rang the bell ....I asked some one coming out of the apt.. if they had seen Leo...their reply was "not for several daysI".  Other phone calls around did no turn up a thing,  that was in the 1960s...only almost 20yrs later did my mon call to tell me his brother Arnold, I believe,  had put him in a rest home some place .....Today is the first time after all the years  that there has been any information of any kind....my mother is very old  and has moved away  from her home in California without any communication of any kind............. I may have mentioned I left home very young to "find my way". My dad was very kind to me when we were together..after wwll was over and he came home,  my mom and dad had one long running battle and eventually divorced....I missed him and I blamed my mother for all the fights they had....I dont remember a lot but believe my dad was a good man ..I cannot recall him ever raiseing his voice or doing anything hateful..When I did something  wrong,  drawing the sea and boats all over the walls of our apt. in baltimore and once "polishing his shoes" with his oil paints he would just,  somehow,  sit me down and explain what I did wrong and how very important  it was not to do it again....I some how believe a lot of  "long generation families" are able to live like civilized people instead of like angry demons...they have learned how to raise their children,  thats for sure..  Pay attention kids,  some day you will look back,  like a lot of us do,  and remember the patience and kindness it took to bring you up..."when you plant an orange seed  you get an orange tree"....................Zeke

      Cindy Neal <genuine@...> wrote:
      Ron, this looks like it could be him.  It was the closest match in the Social Security Death Index. 
      Name: Leo H. Mozisek
      SSN: 579-16-4171
      Last Residence: 94116  San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States of America
      Born: 20 Oct 1914
      Died: 20 May 1996
      State (Year) SSN issued: District of Columbia (Before 1951 )
      I found this in the California Death Records Index.  You should be able to get a copy of the death certificate from California that states the place of burial.
      Social Security #: 579164171
      Sex: MALE
      Birth Date: 20 Oct 1914
      Birthplace: TEXAS
      Death Date: 20 May 1996
      Death Place: SAN FRANCISCO
      Mother's Maiden Name: KOSSA

      I also found him on the 1930 census in Precinct 7, Fayette County, TX with his family.  All state they were born in Texas.
      Rudolph Mozisek, age 49
      Louise Mozisek, age 40
      Leo H. Mozisek, age 15
      Estella Mozisek, age 18
      Arnold Mozisek, age 12
      Hope some of this helps.
      Cindy Neal
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      for letting me get together with your czech group...The name on my birth cert. reads; Ronald Owen Mozisek (my name)  father; Leo Henry Mozisek, mother Rebbecca Lois Owen.  DOB Sept 12, 1940.....My grand father was "Rudy" Mozisek and my grandmothers name was "Danny".   My mom and I visited Rudy and Danny in Weimar, Texas sometime in the 1940's.  I guess it was probably before 1945.  I remember a lot about about about the visit very clearly.  'Most of all everyone had a lot to say about grandpa Rudys term as sheirff of Weimar...I had another visit to Rudy and Dannys farm out side of Weimar...in 1950....  My mom, Lois, put me on the train in Los Angeles and sent me to  to stay for the summer.  It was the last time I saw my grandparents..I have visited Rudys grave in Weimar since then...I only know that one of my uncles,  Arnold I believe,  lived in Dallas. I also had a cousin, Binny.  We played tennis once in while some where in Weimar.....I visited the cemetary in Weimar two years ago..looking for my father Leos grave.. after fourtynine years.. the cemetary was hardly recognizable...Perhaps someone in Weimar might know when my Dad passed away,  or anything else....I remember hearing my mom say my dad was in the US Marine Corps...as you can tell by now I have been seperated from my family for some time.....I left home in 1953....and have on my own all this time.. all these years I have told stories about my Grandparents..the way they made everything they used on the farm  and the way life was in Texas  then...thank you for your time,,and dobrow nota....ron

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