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Re: [TexasCzechs] Re: Orsak Novy Hrozenkov

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  • Dolores Miller
    Pat, There were a number of Stasnys that lived in Taylor, Texas. Joseph Stasny came through the port of Galveston sometime before 1900. He had two sons,
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 29, 2004
      Pat, There were a number of Stasnys that lived in Taylor, Texas. Joseph Stasny came through the port of Galveston sometime before 1900.  He had two sons, Jerome and Daniel, and two daughters, Mary and Sophie.  Most of these folks are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Taylor.  You can look up Williamson County Texas Cemeteries on Google and you can see the pertinent info re date of birth, date of death etc..  Joseph's grand-daughter, Betty Stasny Gayle is my best friend and could possibly have more info, however, she is on a cruise for the next ten days.  She lives in Dallas.  I live in Irving. Joseph had a half-brother, Charlie.  Joseph was very prosperous in his younger days, was a cotton buyer and dealth in futures.  His daughter Mary was the organist at St. Mary's Catholic Church for many years.  Her dad donated the organ and the three marble altars.
      Dolores Miller 

      Pat Lyon <patsroar@...> wrote:
      My cousin Bill Kunetka wrPat Sommerfeld Lyon (mother Anna Victoria Urban,
      father Rinert F. Sommerfeld)
      patsroar@... from  Clifton, Bosque County, Texas
      Researching Maternal line:
      From Novy Hrozenkov, Moravia: Urban, Orsag/Orsak, Malik, Zbranek, Vasku,
      Uherek, Zapalac
      From Frystak, Moravia: Svach, Simik
      Other: Gaas (Verovice), Vavra, Kunetka (Hodslavice),  Jarma, Prochaska,
      Bacak, Stasny, Ledvig/Ladwig/Ladeweg, Hubanek, Soukup, Cabron,
      Rejcek,Slovak, Kmiec, Tesar, Mechal/Michel?, et al
      ites about the Orsaks.  This is both our heritage.  Anything new learned is
      important to both of us.

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