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Days 8,9,10

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  • Judy Vondra
    Day Eight: We awaken back in Celakovice. We have the Texas Czech Presidential Suite. We have 3 bedrooms, a huge empty room, 2 toilets, 2 wash closets, 7 beds,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2004
      Day Eight:
      We awaken back in Celakovice. We have the Texas Czech Presidential Suite. We have 3 bedrooms, a huge empty room, 2 toilets, 2 wash closets, 7 beds, a livingroom, tv and kitchen. Oh yea, and a piano. I enjoyed the piano. The toilet is in one room and the tub and sink are in another room. We dont do much of anything today other than go to the bank and wash our clothes and hang them out to dry. We did do a little shopping, as that is mandatory when you are on vacation.
      Day Nine:
      I awaken to find my clothes still sopping wet and nearly hanging with icicles. It is freezing and now it has started to rain once again. We sure could use a washer and dryer. I head downstairs for my Toni Tiger cereal and coffee. Our dear friend Petr has called the Castle and set us up an English tour. We will spend the day in Brandys nad Labem. Brandys is situated in the fertile center of Bohemia upon both banks of the Elbe River at about 20km NE of Prague. Brandys lies at the left river bank along an old road towards Prague. The market settlement at the river access was founded and colonized in 1300. Two settlements Upper Castle with St. Peters chuch and Lower Castle with St. Lawrence's church were founded at the former settled places in the 12th and 13th centuries.  A medieval fort that was rebuilt to a castle had stood at the place of the present chateau. In the 15th century the castle was reconstructed in Renaissance style as a chateau. It was used as a hunting place which accommodated a lot of resident and foreign sovereigns.  A ruin of a stone bridge from 1569 can be still seen beneath the chateau.  The Castle Chateau tour was great. We were the only ones there for the tour so we got to ask lots of questions, take pictures and touch and sit on the furniture. After our tour we ate at the local Pizzeria with our Petr and his family. We return to the hotel room and try to find something to watch on tv. We cant understand a darn thing so we retire for the night.
      Day Ten:
      We awaken and say our goodbyes to bratr Joe and wife Nancy as they are heading back to the States. We head for Stadice which is a small village near Usti nad Labem. There we will visit the Rosenbaum/ Machacek Familie. It is a long drive but we enjoyed the countryside. We saw a Volcano which was not active and a few famous mountains. They have put a freeway near the village which made us get lost. We nearly run over an old lady on a cane as Petr drives like a taxi driver. One thing I can say is if you get lost, just keep driving you will find your way to your destination. All roads lead to Brno, as everywhere you look, there is a sign pointing the way to Brno. They have built this freeway which the government is now trying to put all the way through to Germany. The residents do not like the idea because it will bring much more traffic through the village. I somehow bet the government will win. This land was once occupied by Germans. I know I'm not explaining this right but when Czech Republic was regained, the Germans were ran out. The land was nearly given away back to the original owners;  the Czechs and Slovaks. One lady bought her land in the 1945's for 1 CZK. that's less than a dollar. This village had some great history. We arrive at Josef and Iva's house to be greeted with a family welcome. We hunt for enough houseshoes for 6 more people. As you know, you dont wear your shoes  in the houses in  Czech Republic. There was food everywhere. Of course we needed something to drink, or so they thought. Here comes the coffee, soda, water, wine, pivo and Becherovka. I thought, oh no not that liver drink again. But yes, we had to have it. You cant turn down the liquor as it will hurt feelings. You just let them pour you a glass, then sip on it. Never let your glass get half empty. We had brought a gift to the Machacek family. You should either bring wine, pivo, flowers or chocolates. We picked a potted plant that you would replant in the garden and a wreath that was beautiful with dried flowers. I got the wreath out of the sack and was about to present them with it when I heard Linda say take it off. The wreath had a ribbon on it that had a Czech saying. Petr had told Linda the ribbon said Rest In Peace or In Rememberance Of. I quickly put the wreath back in the sack and gave them the plant. I turned beet red. I was really embarassed. The more Becherovka I drank, the less I thought about that wreath. Iva had prepared the biggest meal I've ever seen. We had huge fried pork chops, soup and potatoe pancakes, I believe. We ate so many times at their house it was hard keeping up with each meal. We were absolutely stuffed. Well, they thought we needed something to wash our food down with. More liquor!!! My cousin Josef, the starosta (mayor) of the village made a phone call and got us a hotel. Now, we must try to drive through a village running on Becherovka, not gasoline. We stopped so many times to let deer cross the road. We must have stopped 6 or 7 times within a few feet. There was a whole herd of deer. We arrive at our hotel which is a nice house. We stayed upstairs and the owners were downstairs. The house was gorgeous. It cost us $5 USD to stay there and have the 2nd and 3rd floor. We talk and laugh about our visit with the Machacek family and finally go to sleep.
      Go Astros,
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