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Re: [TexasCzechs] Hurta's

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  • richardgarza1@juno.com
    Hi Mike, Thanks for the info. A couple of things come to mind quickly. The first town you mention, Wensclovic, in Silesia (Schlesien, Slezsko), may be a
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 3, 2004
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      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the info.
      A couple of things come to mind quickly. The first town you
      mention, Wensclovic, in Silesia (Schlesien, Slezsko), may be a corrupted
      spelling. I've tried searching for it in the JewishGen ShtetlSeeker to no
      avail. Was the source for this name a handwritten note?
      The ShtetlSeeker also shows several villages that have a spelling
      similar to your second village, Biesadki. The ShetlSeeker shows one
      village that is about 148 miles South of Warsaw, which puts it into the
      Province of Upper Silesia - a likely candidate for you. You may want to
      visit an LDS (Mormon Church) Family History Center and look at a
      gazetteer in search of these villages. They should have a copy of "Meyers
      Orts- und Verkehrslexikon des Deutschen Reiches, 1912" in the library.
      Best source for villages in the Sudetenlands.
      Web info on Silesia is available at www.genealogienetz.de (for
      Sudetenland), as well as a short FAQ for Silesia on:
      And, the folks at the Polish Genealogical Society of Texas
      http://www.pgst.org/ may have more suggestions.
      If Frank (Franz, Frantisek?) and Katrazina were married in
      Europe, you may want to start your search with her village. Quite often
      marriages during this time were within a 10-mile radius of the bride and
      groom's village.
      As was common for many Texas Czech immigrants, they usually
      traveled with family or friends, and headed to a town here where they
      knew someone. Have you tried to find out if Palacios (Matagorda County)
      had a newspaper at the time that Joseph hung himself. There may have been
      a news article about his death that would give you further clues.
      Courthouse records may also be available.
      Did you recognize any other names on the 1906 passenger list?
      Hopefully, some of the members on this list with Hurta kin will
      Rick Garza

      On Sun, 3 Oct 2004 07:46:04 -0700 "mike hurta" <mhhurta@...>
      My name is Michael Hurta and I would like to thank you for your response.
      I'm looking for information on Joseph Frank Hurta born in Wensclovic
      Schlesion, Austria and died in Palacios, Tx. He was married to Katrazina
      Muscial born in Biesadki Poland and she also died in Palacios, Tx. They
      came to this country on the ship Koeln arriving Galveston, Tx on July 8th
      1906. All I know about Joseph is that he was found huge. I have not been
      able to find out any information on the circumstances about his death.

      My father was John Robert Hurta (Bob) who died Nov. 18th 2003. He was
      born in Starkville, Colorado. He was married to Mary Lou Hedgpeth. His
      father was Tony Hurta also born in Starkville, Colorado and died Sep 22
      1997. Tony was married to Betty (Bambina) DeLorenzo who died Mar. 25
      2004. More information can be found at genealogy.com under The Hurta's
      and Hedgpeth. Any information you can provide will be helpful.



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