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My Trip to Czech Republic

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  • Judy Vondra
    I would be interested in hearing about your trip
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 2, 2004
      I would be interested in hearing about your trip<<
      I would, too, Judy. 

      Great !! First of all, let me say, I cant get my CD drawer to open to put my pics on the pc. So, after the weekend I hope, I will be able to show ya'll the pictures.
      Day One: The first few days were hectic. We are on the landing strip in Houston about to take off, when the Captain says we must return to unload 2 bags.I think we were more upset about returning than worrying why the bags needed to be taken off. By then, we needed to refuel with everybody still on board. We finally take off. We arrive in Amsterdam nearly 10 hours later. We have missed our connecting flight into Prague. They book us on another flight that has already boarded. We make it into Prague an hour later but our luggage didnt. After 4 hours of waiting on our luggage and one person losing her plane tickets at the baggage claim counter, we are finally ready to go. Now, our rental car is no longer reserved for us. We manage to talk enough broken English/Czech language to get us a cab into Celakovice, which is about an hour outside of Prague. The taxi driver drove like he had be sitting in New York traffic all of his driving career. When we took off we were zooming and zipping through traffic at 140 km. We were so glad to get to our hotel. We stayed at CMC Graduate School of Business and Conference Center in Celakovice. Our friend, interpreter and Hotel Manager was there to greet us. We went for 1 pivo then we retired for the night. Tips: make sure you have at least 3 or 4 hours between connecting flights. Reserve you car to be picked up 3 to 4 hours after you arrive or reserve it for the next day.
      Day Two: We wake up, shower and go to breakfast. We had the best poppyseed filled croissant/kolache I have ever tasted. I do not like poppyseed. For breakfast there was a choice of breads, lunch meat, cheese, cereal, deviled egg, orange juice and coffee. One person in our group went back to the airport with our interpreter, to rent a car and get a replacement ticket for the lady that lost hers. Linda and myself hire another interpreter for $4 an hour to go to the archives. We cant find any information on our family or from the emails ya'll have sent me. Sadly, we return back to our hotel room and decide to go shopping. It is then that we realize, we are dressed like Texans and not Czechs. It is nearly freezing there and we are in shorts and short sleeve shirts. It was 8 - 10 degrees celcius. We dont let the weather get us down and we go to the bank to exchange our money. The exchange rate was 25 to 1.  I had 10,000 CZK in my pocket and was ready to shop. 
      The rest of the group returns with a rental car that cost us $350 a day USD. We were sad once again. It would cost us a fortune to keep this car for the next 13 days. We decide to call it a day and get some much needed sleep.
      Day Three: We wake up, shower and get ready for breakfast. By this time we realize the housekeeper didn't forget again to give us washrags. They don't use washrags. We decide to go to Kutna Hora. We visited the Church of Bones Chapel and St. Barbora Cathedral. The Church of Bones was really neat. It did not make me sad or sick. My interpretation of it was; A monk in the 1600's wanted to build a chapel. The only place he could build it was in the cemetery. He dug up the graves and built a chapel. Inside the chapel he stacked the bones. He then made shields, coat of arms and chandeliers with the bones. To me, it was really neat to see. I will send those pics out later this next week. We also visited St. Barbora's. The church was gorgeous. You could not take pictures in it. You would have to see it for yourself. We went through the shops looking for historie books but the books were not in print yet. Kutna Hora was an old silver mining town. We walked forever to get to where we were going. While driving back we got lost many times but eventually found our way back to our hotel. Our videos of the country side were breathtaking. The land beside the road was all crop fields. The crops were either sunflowers, corn or potatoes. Up on the hills you could see the houses in the villages. Czech Republic is (as I call it) an open minded country. There were people all along the side of the roads going to the bathroom. Which now that I think about it, if I lived there I guess I would rather do that than pay at the gas stations and shops to use theirs. There were billboards on the road side like we have, and they would have obscene photos on them. The 18 wheeler trucks had naked women on the side of the cabs. That was something we never got used to.
      I must go get ready to go to work. It is my first day back and I cant wait to see everybody and pass out the gifts. I will write more about my trip later.
    • miladyolga@aol.com
      Judy, I loved your stories of your first few days in Czech Republic. Keep the journal coming to us. Debra P/S: I like the way that they are opened minded.
      Message 2 of 2 , Oct 2, 2004
        Judy, I loved your stories of your first few days in Czech Republic.  Keep the journal coming to us.
        P/S:  I like the way that they are opened minded.  Maybe the US should think about it and not be such a stiff.
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