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    Rick, You re absolutely correct--Martin Zopgick is Zabcik. He was the single brother of Jan Zabcik, the patriarch of the Zabcik Family Tree. Martin and a
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      You're absolutely correct--Martin "Zopgick" is Zabcik. He was the single brother of Jan Zabcik, the patriarch of the Zabcik Family Tree. Martin and a single sister, Anna, immigrated to Texas with Jan and Anna (Hruska) Zabcik, and their two daughters, Johanna and Katerina.
      Martin first married Anna Repka in Houston, date unknown. They had one daughter, Frantiska born Sept. 12, 1858. Frantiska was later called Florence. Martin and Anna (Repka) had a son, Wilhelm Josef Zabcik, born August 24, 1866. It is assumed he died in infancy as no record of him other than a baptismal record has been found.
      Martin divorced Anna Repka (date unknown) and he married Mrs. Frances Sontag sometime before 1875. Martin and Frances (Sontag) Zabcik are buried in the Seaton National Cemetery next to the Seaton Brethren Church.
      Anna Repka Zabcik later married a Mr. Stefka. She is buried in the Ocker Brethren Cemetery in the plot with her daughter and son-in-law, Jan (who was the son of the original Jan Zabcik) and Florence (Zabcik) Zabcik. (They were first cousins.)
      Have I confused everyone enough?
      Another spelling I found in one of the census records was Jopstick. Just off the top of my head I believe this was in the 1870 census in Austin County.
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