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RE: Czech Minister or Priest

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  • Anita Berka
    Well, my friends are going to be bummed out, but I don t think they ll let it stop them. One is Catholic and one is Protestant and so it doesn t really matter
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2004
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      Well, my friends are going to be bummed out, but I don't think they'll let
      it stop them. One is Catholic and one is Protestant and so it doesn't
      really matter to them which performs the marriage, they just want a
      religious ceremony. I had hoped that maybe some of our listers in the area
      had a minister they really liked that they could recommend. Obviously,
      these are 2 adults who know they can't just show up and get married - unless
      it's in Vegas. They were looking for a minister that they could build a
      relationship with, but perhaps it's not meant to be. I honestly don't think
      they wanted to go the Catholic route because he's divorced and we all know
      how the Church feels about THAT! :-) Anyway, I'll relay the info to them
      and they'll have to decide what to do.

      However, keep sending the traditions info. Regarding the white wedding
      dresses, I got interested in pioneer American womens clothing while in
      college and learned that white did not become the color of choice until the
      1900s. I've seen examples of some beautiful pink, blue, melon and beige
      wedding dresses that were quite elaborate. One was made of pink brocade,
      trimmed with pink ostrich feathers and diamonds and had pearl swags on the
      front of the skirt - from waist to floor!

      I've never heard the black dress tradition either, although it's
      understandable. But way too somber. While I seriously doubt my friend
      would even consider wearing white (it's not a good color for her!), I don't
      think we'll be able to talk her into black! :-)

      So, thanks everyone for the responses and like I said, keep sending the
      traditions info. Even if they don't use it, it's really interesting to this
      history buff.


      Anita in Caldwell

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