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long, lost Urbanovsky

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  • Lolly
    Hi Rhonda, You might want to order a copy of the application for a social security card for this Laddie Urbanosky, if there s a chance it is you father. It
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2004

      Social Security Administration
      Office of Central Records Operations
      FOIA Workgroup
      P.O. Box 17772
      300 N. Greene Street
      Baltimore, Maryland 21290

      Dear Freedom of Information Officer,

      Please send me a copy of the application for a social security card (Form SS5) filed by the following person. I found the information on the Social Security Death Master file CD by GenRef, Inc. GenRef gathered its information from the Social Security Death Master file compiled by the Social Security Administration.

      My understanding is that the fee is $27.00 for a copy of an original application if I supply the Social Security Number, or $29.00 if the Social Security Number is unknown or incorrect. Or, I can obtain a computer extract of an application for $16.00 if I provide the Social Security Number or $18.00 if the number is unknown or incorrect.

      Enclosed is a check or money order for $___________, made payable to the Social Security Administration. Thank you for your assistance.

      Birth: 3 Apr 1926
      Death: 22 Oct 1995



      Daytime Phone Number:

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