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Posting Messages 101 - Beginners class - age no limit!! :-)

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  • John L. Mikeska
    Dear Czech members and listers: Hehehe. I m sorry! If I don t let out a snicker, I m gonna POP! Oh gosh, I read and re-read, and couldn t believe it. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2000
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      Dear Czech members and listers:

      Hehehe. I'm sorry! If I don't let out a snicker, I'm gonna POP! Oh
      gosh, I read and re-read, and couldn't believe it. I went to the bat
      mirror and told the guy in the mirror to be nice, as he remembered being in
      the same circumstances. How many times I said something in a kidding
      manner and it backfires in my face!!!!! Remember folks, we are Czechs; we
      make mistakes, and lets laugh at ourselves (even if it hurts a little but
      makes us feel better and others will think much more of you for laughing,
      too!) Heck, last time it happened to me, took three weeks or so before I
      began to receive messages from the offended party.

      O K, this is going to be a long lesson, so get a pencil, pad and cup of
      coffee, tea, or whatever you partake!!! But there is going to be a test at
      the end of the class, and maybe a pop quiz in between times! Our former
      email list made it simple to reply to the originator of the message
      (clicked on REPLY) or to the whole group (clicked on REPLY ALL) The
      eGroups does not have this ability to reply to the sender that easily.

      If you want to reply to an individual person in the group and have their
      email, you can place your Mouse cursor in the "TO" box of the message,
      delete the address of the group and type in the individual person's email
      address. If you do not have their address, it can be found in the message,
      but takes some peeking and looking! I use Internet Explorer and the
      following instructions apply to that browser. Netscape users may find the
      same info in their program. If you use Eudora, sorry, I can't help you.
      If I plowed a field, I would use a John Deere as I was lead to believe they
      are simple to operate, use less fuel, have more power, etc. Course, the
      in-laws felt the same about their Farmalls!! LOL

      \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
      \ \ \\ \ \ \ \ \ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

      We will assume you received a message from sister Framtiska about how
      tomatoe preserves were made and you want to reply to her privately, as
      Momma did not want to share the recipe with everyone and you plan to tell
      your favorite sister how Momma wouldn't like what she just did.!!! Now
      Czechs, this may be a little simple for some, and some may need a little
      help. Not everyone was born typing on a computer and we hollered at the
      doc not to cut the cord until we saved our work!!!!

      (1) You still have the message open and the message address is highlighted
      above the message. The message is a darker color than rest of the
      messages (Dark blue on my PC), and what we refer to as highlighted.

      (2) Put your Mouse Cursor on the highlighted message and press the RIGHT
      Mouse key. (If you have your Mouse set up for left hand use, you will need
      to reverse these instructions on what key to press).

      (3) What appears next is called a Menu. This Menu has 6 sections
      (Microsoft tries to give you more!) At the bottom of this Menu is
      <Properties> (The brackets are used to indicate the words we are looking
      for) Put your Mouse Cursor on <Properties> and click your LEFT Mouse

      (4) Viola! New Menu. Note the two tabs at top of this menu - <GENERAL>
      and <DETAILS> The General tab is highlighted as the rectangle box is
      around GENERAL - not colored as before. See, we learned something else -
      no extra charge!
      The GENERAL Menu gives subject name of the message and the next line
      indicates where the message came from. If it is an individual's name,
      that person sent it to you. If it shows or has eGroups anywhere in this
      address, it came from the eGroups list of the TexasCzechs. If you replied
      to this message without making any changes in the "TO" box, it will be
      posted to the TexasCzech@eGroups... We don't want to do that (AGAIN) so
      take a sip of whatever you have, a deep breath and relax a moment, if you
      need to. We are gonna switch from right to left and back more times than
      you want to, but it will come easy after trying it a few times. I can just
      see someone hollering at me at a CHS meeting: Hey, Right or Left, over
      here!! Again, don't give up - it's something new and the fear of the
      unknown can set in! However, it is HARD to damage your computer without
      pouring fluid on the keyboard, a lightning strike, or backing over it with
      the John Deere!

      (5) Remember we are at the Menu with <GENERAL> and <DETAILS> at the top,
      with the General Menu showing. O K,
      place your Mouse Cursor on the <DETAILS> tab and click the LEFT Moue
      button. Another Menu appears, with words, letters, numeral, etc on many
      lines. Appears as if a child might have been playing with the keyboard, but
      each line means something and how the message is sent from one place to the
      other, whether from one room to the other or to Praha, CZ. Start looking at
      the top line and read down. Look for a line that reads, in this case, From
      "John L Mikeska"<jlmikeska@...> There may be a "mail to" in front
      of Jlmikeska. Some of these lines are 4th from the top, to line 6 or 7.
      This is the person that originated the message.

      I think many might be confused by now. If you have a printer, print out
      this message, for I want you to go into this message, that is sent to
      TexasCzech eGroups and pick out my name and reply to me, if you wish. I
      will reply with a grade of 100, down to a 75 for effort! Those that make a
      100 will have their name given to Rick for possible fresh donuts!!!!! (I;m
      from Texas and do not know what doughnuts are!) If no printer, made
      simple notes on down and come back here,

      Ready? Again, lets start when the message is on screen. Put the Mouse
      Cursor on the highlighted message and left click the Mouse Button. Then
      put the Mouse cursor on the Properties name and RIGHT click the Mouse
      button. The <GENERAL> and <DETAIL> tabs will appear at top of the new menu
      coming up. NOW place the Mouse Cursor on the <DETAILS> tab and click the
      RIGHT button. Go down to the line that ready from "John L.
      Mikeska"mailto:jlmikeska@...> With a steady hand, place the mouse
      cursor on the quotation mark < " > in front of John. (We're almost
      through, don't give up!) With the Mouse cursor on the quotation mark, hold
      the mouse steady and press the Left Mouse button. DO NOT RELEASE the Left
      Mouse Button. While holding the button down, began moving the mouse to
      your left. Notice you are highlighting my name and address. Continue until
      you have highlighted the bracket ' > " after .net. Now, carefully release
      the Left Mouse Button. My name and address remains highlighted. This may
      take a little practice to steady you hand and highlight the name and
      address. Don't worry, I didn't do it at first, but faster than Richard
      O K, I lied above. One more mouse button to do! Place the Mouse Cursor
      on my highlighted name (cursor may be just a vertical line and not an
      arrow) When the cursor is on my name and address, press the Left Mouse
      button. You will see a new menu with some words "grayed out", which means
      they will not work in the menu at this point. However, Copy and Select All
      are in dark letters. Place the Mouse Cursor on Copy and Click the RI:GHT
      Mouse Button. The Menu disappears and the email screen reappears. What
      did you do wrong? Nothing!!! BUT just don't press the right mouse button
      until ready to use the email address you just saved.

      OK, If you want to try for a doughnut :-) , send this message back to me.
      With the message showing, press the reply or reply to all key. Now, you
      will see TexasCzech@egroups.com showing as the "to" address. Put your
      Mouse Cursor at the end of .Com in the "to" Field, press the Right Mouse
      button . You will see the Menu come up with the words Paste and Select All
      in dark letters. Put the Mouse Cursor on Paste and press the Left Mouse
      Button. My name and address appears on the line. Just put your cursor at
      the front of texasczechs and press the delete key, deleting the
      texasczechs@... address. The message will come to me.

      The address you saved in this manner remains present to use. If you send
      this message back to me, I surged you delete the majority of it (you will
      still have the original message you received on your computer). Place your
      Mouse cursor anywhere in the message and press the Left button, put the
      cursor over Paste and press the Left Mouse button and my name and address
      appears again. It will stay there until you save another message, word, or
      sentence, or turn off your PC. Before you do that, try putting it on some
      Lotto Tickets :-)

      Sorry for the length, but you can now find a senders message and
      automatically place it in the message to send to an individual, or do it

      Well, they say problems come in threes. Whose next? Probably me. But I
      will laugh about it, and hope you will, too.

      Sir John, Earl of Berkshire
      ICQ 48955956
      What good is information if not shared with others?

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