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Re: [TexasCzechs] Genealogy Book Recommendations, Prosím

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  • George Patrick
    I am the wife of George in Austin. Believe it or not, There are, in Yoakum Texas, many Knezek, Marek, and many others of your group. Mrs Knezek is one of the
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      I am the wife of George in Austin. Believe it or not, There are, in Yoakum
      Texas, many Knezek, Marek, and many others of your group. Mrs Knezek is one
      of the officers at Yoakum National Bank. They also have & breed Semmital
      cattle. Mr. Jakubec livesa there also. He is on the board of directors of
      the Yoakum Heritage Museum. Mareks are there, in Lavaca, De Witt, & Calhoun
      also, one of the ladies who correspond with the group lives in Virginia &
      works in some capacity in Washington, D.C. So you will probably receive much
      help. I have a daughter living in Crestline, Ca. Heres hoping the wild-fires
      don't get out of hand.
      Joyce P
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      Subject: [TexasCzechs] Genealogy Book Recommendations, Prosím

      When I joined this list a mere month ago, genealogy was the last
      thing on my mind. Then it happened - I have been bitten by the "who
      are my great-grandparents" bug. I've signed up for the 2 week free
      trial at Ancestry.com, and did not learn anything I didn't already
      know - my grandparents immigrated to Galveston in 1908. So, now I'm
      stuck. Since it has been 100 degrees plus here in Southern
      California, I made good use of the air conditioning (and Thomas train
      set for the kids) at Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon. That was a
      pointless trip except for the $15 I spent at the Starbucks (kids
      again - they sure can be expensive!) So, tonight I started going
      through Amazon.com. I like them, new books and free shipping.
      However, there are a lot of books there about Genealogy. Even the
      reviews are too helpful. I looked through this TexasCzech website
      since this seems to be the biggest group of family researchers I am
      familiar with, but could find no recommendations for basic beginners
      book on how to find out who my ancestors were.

      My aunt did a family tree with all the basics of who married who when
      and births from these unions, but that is it. Well, not exactly
      all. It seems many of us have been unlucky in love, so the divorces
      are there too.

      Anyway, I would just like to know what all ya'll think about the
      various genealogy how-to books out there and where best I might spend
      my husband's hard earned money. I was also thinking about getting
      one of those software programs to organize it all, but again, there
      are people who love and hate them all. Does anyone here use any of
      these things or is it a waste of time learning how to use yet another
      computer program?

      And, since I'm asking questions here, does anyone have any idea how
      to find out who my grandparents parents were? I asked my aunt and
      she doesn't know. Since they were both born in Moravia in the
      1880's, is there anyway to find out? Sorry if that makes anyone
      shake their head in disbelief, but I was just wondering...

      I'd really appreciate any opinions or recommendations.

      Thanks so much,
      Leanna Sulák Mongan
      Somehow related to people named Sulak, Kovar, Jakubec, Valek, Hurtik,
      Watterson, Haynes, Thacker, Sefcik, Marek, Shebesta, Ketterman,
      Hradecky, Knesek, Gravston, Walton, Hlavinka, Barnes, Ambruzova,
      Kubacek, Stephan, Rusnak, Beeler, Darilek, and Frei

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