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Re: Kostoryz, Folda, Bohemian Colony, Nueces County, TX.

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  • texasjoe43
    Czech Pioneers of the Southwest can be ordered from the Czech Culture Center in Houston. I ordered one earlier this year. It is a wonderful book. Here is a
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 12, 2003
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      "Czech Pioneers of the Southwest" can be ordered from the Czech
      Culture Center in Houston. I ordered one earlier this year. It is a
      wonderful book. Here is a link to their order page:


      --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, Roland Beausoleil
      <rbeausoleil@c...> wrote:
      > Hi Susan,
      > I just finished reading 'Czech Pioneers of the Southwest' but
      had to
      > return it to the library last Thursday. There is a chapter in the
      > dealing with Czech settlement of Nueces County and refers to Stanley
      > Kostoryz and Longin Folda. I made a copy of the index. If you have
      > access to this book this article can be found on pages 326, 327 and
      > By the way, anyone who wants to read a vivid account of the
      > Czech arrivals to Texas I highly recommend this book. It has
      > to many of the early Czech settlers and the author goes out of
      > way to list the children of the various families which makes this a
      > great genealogical reference as well.
      > Roland Beausoleil
      > Susan Rektorik Henley wrote:
      > > Stanley L. Kostoryz (also spelled Kostohryz), born in Prague and
      > > former school teacher and newspaper publisher in Nebraska, came by
      > > train to South Texas in 1904 looking for "frontier" wild land to
      > > settled by Czech immigrants and then placed under agricultural
      > > production. He initially purchased a ranch of approximately 7,800
      > > the south west of the small port town of Corpus Christi, Nueces
      > > Country, Texas. This land was platted for subdividing and was
      > > "The Bohemian Colony." Mr. Kostoryz purchased and additional 2,300
      > > acres in 1910 which was added to the colony. Over time, Mr.
      > > lost his zeal for the project and in 1916 he started selling
      > > of the Bohemian Colony to Mr. Longin Folda, a Nebraska banker. In
      > > 1921, Mr. Folda purchased the balance of the Kostoryz land
      > > In 1923, Longin Folda died and his son, Lamar Folda took over the
      > > management of the property. To this day, Corpus Christi is home
      to a
      > > large number of Texas Czechs.
      > >
      > > Mr. Jerry Elzner of Corpus Christi and I have joined together in a
      > > effort to have historical markers dedicated for The Bohemian
      > > Mr. Kostoryz and the Foldas, and landmark sites such as the
      > > School. Jerry is currently collecting source documents from the
      > > County Court House. I have offered to compile and write the
      > > research paper(s) for this project.
      > >
      > > The intent of this message is to invite for participation in this
      > > project anyone who has connections to or documented information
      on the
      > > Bohemian Colony, the Kostoryz and/or Folda families, or the St.
      > > Boliver (later renamed for Sts. Cyril and Methodius) Catholic
      > > the Kostroyz school, etc. We are looking for source documents
      such as
      > > copies of property deeds, other legal documents, photographs, and
      > > personal accounts and documented histories. Perhaps we will even
      > > able to compile a listing of landowners.
      > >
      > > Mr. Elzner does not have internet access; however, you may
      contact me
      > > at srektorik@h... or at Susan Rektorik Henley, 4256 County Road
      > > 42, Robstown, TX., 78380.Susan Rektorik Henley Kdo chce s vlky
      > > musí vlky výti!--If you run with the wolves, then you must howl
      > > the wolves! Remember who your people are, keep and tell their
      > > to keep the fires of the culture alive!
      > >
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