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Rowena and Lowake, TX

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  • John L. Mikeska
    Rowena, TX Meeting Nov 15, 2003 Thanks to Rick for posting reminder of the last 2003 meeting for the CHS. The meeting is Saturday November 15th. The SPJST
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      Rowena, TX Meeting Nov 15, 2003
      Thanks to Rick for posting reminder of the last 2003 meeting for the CHS.  The meeting is Saturday November 15th.  The SPJST Hall will be open Friday evening for vendors and chapters to set up their tables, and always is a very good time for meeting known and to make new friends.  Never has failed for me to make new friends at these meetings.
      With Rick Garza's suggestion of ending the Friday evening meeting with a dinner meal at the Lowake Steak House, Lowake, TX, sounds great and I've just gained another pound or two just thinking about it <g>  That would be the best pound or so I would have gained :-)  However, to my dismay, I had to forgo making the trip due to both operated knees troubling me, along with the old back pain becoming worse.  I was hatched and raised in San Angelo, with maternal and paternal grandparents living in Paint Rock and Eola communities, very near Rowena.
      There may be people coming in Friday afternoon and checking in at Ballenger and/or San Angelo.  I sure encourage anyone to take advantage of having a Lowake Steak House meal at Lowake.  The restaurant is located on Farm to Market Road 381, about 8 or 9 miles south of Rowena.  I'm attaching a map showing location of Lowake, TX, a very small town, with a great restaurant. FM 381 intersect Hwy 67 (hwy between San Angelo and Ballenger) on the west edge of Rowena.
      Have a great time - you are meeting in an older west Texas town with a lot of memories and stories, great people, etc.  Enjoy the trip.  Eat an extra Kolache for Sir John! <g>
      Sir John, Earl of Berkshire
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