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Lodge 88 Czech Day

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  • Rhonda Bell
    Hello! Just wanted to say that I finally got to attend a Lodge 88 function, for Czech Day this last Sunday. It was so fun. I really enjoyed the Choral Group
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002

      Just wanted to say that I finally got to attend a Lodge 88 function, for
      Czech Day this last Sunday. It was so fun. I really enjoyed the Choral
      Group that sang. While it made me think of my Poppa and miss him, it also
      made me proud of the singers ... they were really good.
      I like the way Mrs. Hegwood told everyone what the name of each song meant
      in English for those of us, who can't understand Czech. I saved the list of
      songs, and wrote down the interpretation of the names of the songs, so I
      could have it to frame with some of my other Czech memorabilia. It was good
      to see so many people there ... it seemed to have quite a turn-out. The
      Silent Auction had several tables filled with items to be auctioned. For
      raffle there were several nice items, such as a comforter, train and a nice
      pitcher and glass set. Unfortunately, I didn't win anything, but oh well,
      sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, right? Besides, it was all in the
      name of fun. The Czech Costume parade was nice, all those wonderful
      outfits. And the king and queen who won Czech Day this year, my goodness,
      they really came decked out in the fanciest of outfits.

      Something to highlight on, was the "cloggers" that performed. They did so
      many songs, oh my goodness, I don't know how they stayed on their feet all
      that time! I'm only 27 years old, and I know I couldn't stand up there and
      clog for that long! That was really awesome. It brought a real spark to
      the show. I'm still amazed at how well they did.

      I was glad to see the CHS out there in the heritage room. They had several
      genealogy books to look through, with lots of Czech Excerpts.
      I found lots of info on my family ... and even found a lot of info on my
      grandma Bessie's side of the family too. It was fun looking through those
      books with her, and watching her face as I found family member, after family
      member of her family.

      The turkey dinner was great. So much food ... I think Bessie will be eating
      for 3 days on the amount of food we got. You can't beat that for $6.
      Turkey and all the trimmings. And if you wanted dessert? They had all
      kinds of dessert up front for only 50 cents a piece.

      I purchased several Kolaches, and brought them back up here, and gave some
      to my friends who've never had one before. It was really neat to have the
      opportunity to treat them to something new. Most of them have never even
      heard about anything Czech before, except from history classes, when they
      hear just a tad bit about Czech people through Hitler's takeover, and the

      It always amazes my friends when they come over to my house and see my Czech
      memorbilia left to me from my grandparents, and they see my genealogy work
      that I have framed in various places in my living room.

      Back to the Czech Day at Lodge 88, it was very fun. But most of all ... it
      was nice to see so many people I hadent seen in so long. So many good
      people there ... I see why my family has loved that lodge for many years.

      Rhonda Jo Bell

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