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Re: Kolache dough help

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  • markpustka
    Susan, How about some help with what feels and looks right with the adding of flour. Most every recipe I read describes adding flour until the right look or
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 31, 2002

      How about some help with "what feels and looks right" with the adding
      of flour. Most every recipe I read describes adding flour until the
      right look or feel is reached vs. just adding a predetermined amount
      of flour.

      Also, if according to my grandmother and aunt I am only stirring the
      dough and not kneading do you have any suggestions on what the dough
      should look like when it is ready? My grandmother described it
      as "being smooth, and easily made into a ball".

      --- In TexasCzechs@y..., "Susan Rektorik Henley" <srektorik@h...>
      > >My grandmother and my great-aunt use Fleischmann's RapidRise
      > This is the yeast that does not require activation.,
      > Well, you did what I do. I read instructions. Things change over
      time. (For instance, we no longer need to scald the milk because it
      is pasteurized.)I remember my Grandma used cakes of yeast that I
      stirred to get to dissolve in the warm water. I still love the aroma
      of yeast.
      > As far as your method of making slight changes, that is what I did
      too. I have to vary the amount of flour each time. Now, I do not
      measure the flour, I add in increments until it feels and
      looks "right."
      > As for the egg yolks versus whole eggs, the first answer is that
      the yolk is where the nutrient value is in eggs. Adding just yolks
      makes the dough "richer." By the same token, my sister who has made
      kolaches since she was little, varies between whole eggs and yolks
      depending on whether she feels like separating the yolks out.
      > In my family, I have developed the theory that "convenience"
      overcame tradition in taste in the last two generation. As my grandma
      got older, she took shortcuts. Our recipe said to use margarine. I
      tried butter and like it much better.
      > When I got serious about trying to make good kolaches, my daughter
      and I made them about once a week for over a month. We made notes and
      adjusted the recipe based on our result.
      > The only time my kolaches were a total flop was when I had them
      rising and my cousin came by on business. By the time I got back to
      them they were huge, bloated globs (grimace). Those went to the
      chickens (smile).
      > Good luck,
      > Susan
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