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Note to Millie

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  • george patrick
    Hi Millie, I haven t forgotten you. I m still waiting for the VA technician to visit and modify my visionaire so I can send photos. He asked me not to mess
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2002
      Hi Millie,
      I haven't forgotten you.  I'm still waiting for the VA technician to visit and modify my visionaire so I can send photos.  He asked me not to mess with anything until he can get out this way.
      I have a suggestion.  The Stepan family crest is listed in a reference book called :  Rietstap Armorial General.  Since it cost $150, the Austin Public Library doesn't keep a copy but does have provisions for getting a copy on loan from their resourses.  The University of Texas Library system has a copy but I've let my card expire.  Barnes and Nobles can order it for $150 plus handling.  Sounds like everyone knows what it is but the call for it isn't worth keeping it in stock.  It doesn't sound like one of those "fake" ego-booster deals.
      As I said before, it was included in the bottom margin of a family picture of my grandmother when she was a teenager (she was born in 1883).  Dorothy, my cousin, found a picture of the crest along with documentation, etc. in the above-mentioned book.I hope you have a chance to run down a copy of the Rietstap Armorial General before you leave for Europe so, maybe you can look for other related stuff while you are there.  From looking at the Cross and Anchor, I'm guessing whoever he was he was sent by the Catholic Church as a missionary.  Just a guess.
      Try your local university library, first.  Good Luck.
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