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1930 Census

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  • Lolly
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2002
      FYI: The following was on the German-Texan-L mail list this morning:

      > The 1930 census was released today. Check your local newspaper for
      > possible clues to when/if you can find a copy locally. The Clayton Branch
      > of the Houston Public Library will have "selected states" in "a few
      > months." Federal depositories will be the first places to have copies.
      So was this (I didn't download the map):

      > Maps of Europe, 1790-1820

      > The Centennia Atlas is an automated map of Europe for roughly the last
      > 1,000 years. I'm not sure what it costs, but there is a free subset for
      > the Napoleonic era (1790-1820) that's a nice view of just how bad
      > (fragmented) things were in Germany during that period. It also shows the
      > difference between Prussia and what later became Germany.
      > Go to http://www.historicalatlas.net/ and click on "Demo Download" for the
      > subset. Be sure to read the Help file. The free download is a
      > full-featured version that allows the maps to be printed and the narrative
      > text to be read.
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