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Re: Interesting Info about Yahoo Groups

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  • richardkotrla
    Jeremy: Thanks. We all need to be alert when we are involved with folks like Yahoo. They are not bad people, but they are out to make a byck!! Richard ... and
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 30, 2002


      We all need to be alert when we are involved with folks like Yahoo.

      They are not bad people, but they are out to make a byck!!


      --- In TexasCzechs@y..., "Jeremy Ferguson" <ferguson@c...> wrote:
      > I don't post on the list often but I do lurk quite a bit. I hadn't
      > noticed this following information about Yahoo Groups pass through
      and I
      > saw this on another yahoo group I am on. I just thought I would
      > this on to the group:
      > ====
      > I don't know if Yahoo was planning to inform any of its lowly users
      > directly or not, but why would you pay attention to an email from
      > anyway? Email from me, on the other hand...
      > Apparently the Yahoo privacy policy is changing so that basically
      > can send you any damn thing they want in email, plus over the phone
      > snail mail if you've provided that information!
      > Unless you opt out in the next 60 days.
      > If you hate spam as much as you should, follow the instructions
      > (modified forward from someone) and change all those yes's to
      no's. I
      > just did it, and I am greatly looking forward to not getting Yahoo
      > on 30 different topics.
      > Yahoo is changing its Marketing/Privacy policy to automatically
      > users to receive certain e-mail notices about Yahoo products and
      > services. Yahoo's new privacy policy is pretty damn invasive. I
      > recommend that you modify your options. It's highly sleazy, but we
      > always knew that Yahoo had no honor.
      > Without modification, Yahoo can send you email, USMail, and make
      > telephone solicitations to you. You can opt-out of them, but there
      > be a limited window of opportunity to do so. Yahoo users will be
      > notice and a 60-day period for the opt-out, but might as well take
      > of it now.
      > If you want to opt out, go here and log-in:
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/http://groups.yahoo.com/
      > [You can also go to http://edit.my.yahoo.com, log in, and follow the
      > directions below.]
      > Then scroll up to the top right corner and click on "Account Info."
      > You will be asked to provide your password again. After entering
      > password, click "continue."
      > You will be taken to your Account Information screen.
      > Look under "Member Information" on your "Yahoo ID Card."
      Under "Yahoo!
      > mail addresses" is a link that says "Edit Your Marketing
      > Click on it.
      > Make sure to select "no" for every option you don't want notices on,
      > including the two way down at the bottom for phone and snail mail
      > notices. (Note that it will probably have "yes" pre-selected for
      > options - just click "no" to change it.)
      > Before you leave this screen, ALSO click on the option near the top
      > right of the page that says "Edit Email Subscriptions."
      Select "no" for
      > every option you don't want to receive e-mail on. Then click "save
      > changes" (top right).
      > Select "continue" when it takes you to the next screen. That will
      > you back to your "Edit Marketing Preferences" screen.
      > Then click "save changes" and then click "continue."
      > Lots of steps, but hopefully it'll keep a lot of Yahoo SPAM out of
      > mailbox.
      > Here's the article about this:
      > http://zdnet.com.com/2100-1105-870581.html
      > ===
      > Jeremy Ferguson
      > Waco, TX
      > Researching: Hanus, Marak, Gajdosik, and many more.
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