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Fwd: European Places of Origin Part 4 (Surnames N - S)

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    Yes, The original message was courtesy of Lois P. Richard ... Subject: European Places of Origin Part 4 (Surnames N - S) To: texasczechs@listbot.com From:
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      Yes, The original message was courtesy of Lois P. Richard------- Start of forwarded message ------- Subject: European Places of Origin Part 4 (Surnames N - S) To: "texasczechs@..." From: epereira@... Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 21:15:20 -0800Czech Heritage Society of Texas - http://czechheritage.orgTaken from European Places of Origin from the book "Nase Dejiny" by Kevin Hannan, Dallas, Tx. as it appeared Nov.-Dec. 1989 in Nase Dejiny, transcribed by Lois Petter PereiraNEMEC, Rev. P. F. b. Jan. 13, 1893 with family ordained 1912 from the village of Archlebov near Kyjov, Moravia (pg. 474)NEMEC, Frantisek from the village of Archlebov near Kyjov, Moravia (pg. 474) NEMEC, Barbara arrived Dec. 3, 1893 in Granger. (pg. 474).NESVADBA, Vincenc, arrived with family April 1, 1898, settled near Frydek, Barbora Nesvadba, Rev. Alois Vilem b. Sept. 5, 1896 from the village of Velka Lhota near Malenovice, Moravia. (pg. 157)NETARDUS, Rev. Msgr. Alois Petr b. June 22, 1866, arrived c. 1882, Netardus, Frantisek arrived with three sons and one daughter c. 1881, settled near Smothers Creek from the village of Frenstat, Moravia, (pg. 21).NEUMANN, Kafka, Matilda nee NEUMANN b. March 14, 1862, married Jan KAFKA in 1881, in 1897 came to Texas, settled at St. Mary's near Halletsville, from the village of Chlum near Chrudim, Bohemia (pg. 632)NOVAK, Amrie, nee KUNCAR b. Jan. 12, 1892, arrived in Texas 1911, settled in Sealy, in 1912 married Vojtech NOVAK, from the village of Havrice near Uhersky Brod, Moravia (pg. 701)NOLOZELIK, Jan arrived 1855, settled near Fayetteville from the village of Pacetluky near Holensov, Moravia (pg. 145)NOLOZILIK, J. arrived April 9,1871 with August MLCAK and family, settled at Fayetteville from the village of Rosteni, Moravia (pg. 180)PAPRSKAR, Frantisek settled in Fort Worth in 1903, in 1907 married Anna STORK from the village of Velke Karlovice, Moravia (pg. 165)PARMA, Frantisek A. b. Nov. 21, 1867 arrived with parents and family in Texas 1873, PARMA, Ignac; PARMA, Terezie, all from the village of Frenstat, Moravia (pg. 560)PARMA, Marie nee (?) b. in 1871, arrived with parents in Texas in 1880, in 1889 married Frantisek PARMA from the village of Frenstat, Moravia (pg. 633)PARMA, Frantisek J. b. Feb 17, 1870 arrived in Texas with uncle Ignac PARMA ca. 1873-1875 married Anezka CERNOSEK on Nov. 10, 1891, from the village of Frenstat, Moravia. (pg. 61)PAVLIK, JAN b. March 27, 1883 arrived in Texas in 1901, in 19012 (this is year as it appeared in magazine) married Terezie KREPCAK of Valasska Polanka, Moravia (pg 699)PAZDERNY, Josef arrived in Galveston in 1868 after twelve week journey on boat, settled in Schulenbyrg and later in Hallettsville, Tx. from the village of Rychaltice, Moravia (pg. 476)PAZDERNY, Anna ne VASICKOVA from the village of Mistek, Moravia today known as Frydek-Mistek (pg. 476)PELNAR, Msgr. Josef b. Feb. 21, 1865, arrived in Texas in 1890 from the village of Straz near Domazlice, Bohemia (pg. 19)PETER, Josef, arrived in Galveston on Oct. 31, 1856 after voyage of thirteen weeks on ship "Elizabeth" first settled in Cat Spring, died March 24, 1824 from the village of Ticha, Moravia (pg 15, 690-1)PETER, Rozalie nee KONVIKA; PETER, Jan died in Civil War; PETER, Frantisek died 1874; PETER, Josef in 1875 married Barbara VRANA; PETER (nee)j, Marie all from the village of Ticha, Moravia (pg 690)PETER, Karel b. July 13, 1851, married Amalie CERNOSEK on Sept. 5, 1876, arrived in Texas Nov. 14, 1876 died Dec. 9, 1936; PETER, Amalie nee CERNOSEK from the village of Frenstat, Moravia (pg. 567)PETER, Anastazie nee SUBERT b .April 15, 1850, arrived with husband Jan PETER in 1880, died April 18, 1905; PETER, Jan from the village Frenstat, Moravia (pg. 631)POKLUDA, Josef arrived in 1892, first settled near Ammansville; POKLUDA, Frantiska died Sept. 18, 1923, buried in Schulenburg; Rev Frantisek J. b. July 18, 1888, ordained 1916 from the village of Frycovice, Moravia (pg. 23 & 385)POLANSKY, Jan; POLANSKY, Adolf; POLANSKY, Robert from the village of Frenstat, Moravia (pg. 173 & 145)POLASEK, Anna Bezdek, nee POLASEK arrived in 1881 from the village of Frenstat, Moravia (pg. 569)PRAJER, Magdelena b. July 1866, arrived in a890 from Bohemia (pg. 630)PRAZAK, Josefina Barta, nee PRAZAK arrived ca. 1867 from the village of Jindrichuv Hradec, Bohemia (pg. 631)PREIS, Rev. Karel b. 1859, arrived in Texas in Autumn of 1887 from Moravia (pg. 171)PRIDA, Rev. Frantisek b. June 14, 1868, arrived in Texas in 1893 from the village of Ohnice near Olomouc, Moravia (pg. 196)PSENCIK, Josef b. Feb. 27, 1847, arrived in Industry, Texas in 1882, died Dec, 1934 from the village of Vizovice, Moravia (pg 559)PUSTEJOVSKY, Ignac arrived in 1856 from the village of Mnisi, Moravia (pg 15)PISCACEK, Frantisek settled in Ross Prairie Fayette Co., Tx. between 1865-75 from the village of Holesov, Moravia (pg. 145)RACHUNEK, Smesny, Marie nee RACHUNEK arrived in Sealy, Tx. in 1911, married Josef SMESNY from the village of Havrice, Moravia (pg. 701)RASKA, Rev. Innovence b. July 20, 1891 on advice of uncle Frantiska RASKA of Wallis, arrived in Texas Feb. 1921 from the village of Zabreh, nad Odrou near Ostrava, Moravia )pg. 236-7)ROSENBAUM, Frantisek; ROSENBAUM, Josef from the village of Bernoun, Bohemia (pg. 296)SILER, Josef arrived 1852 from the village of Nepomuk near Lanskround, Bohemia (pg. 15)SILLER, J. from the village of Frydek, Silesia (pg. 178)SKALICKY, Josef arrived 1907 in Houston County from the village of Petrovice near Cermna, Bohemia (pg. 296)SKOCEK, Rev. Vilem arrived in Texas in 1895 from the village of Krasna, Moravia (pg. 58)SLIVA, Antonin b. 1832 arrived with family in 1879 first settled near Weimar from the village of Vratimov, Silesia, later farmed in Zabreh, Moravia (pg. 563)SMESNY, Marie nee RACHUNEK see RACHUNEK (pg. 701)SOLANSKY, Josef arrived in Texas 1906, within a year married his fiance from Europe, first settled near Cyclone from the village of Velke Kkarlovice, Moravia (pg. 82)SRAMEK, Ignac arrived in 1856 from the village of Ticha, Moravia (pg 15)STANISLAV, Marek, Marie nee STANISLAV b. Sept. 13, 1859, settled with husband in Dubina in 1856 from the village of Stramberk, MoraviaSTAVINOHA, C. L b. June 29, 1875 in 1914 married Marie JANSKY; STAVINOHA, Felix arrived with family in 1881 settled in Fayette Co., Tx. STAVINOHA, Marie nee LYCKA from the village of Mala Hrabova near Ostrava, Moravia (pg. 698)STIBOREK, Antonin b. June 11, 1887, arrived in 1907 in Prague, Oklahoma, came to Texas in 1912, in 1912 married Cecilie CAPAK from the village of Blazice near Bystrice pod Hostynem, Moravia (pg. 696)STORK, Paprskar, Anna nee STORK (see PAPRSKAR) (pg. 165)SUBERT, Peter, Anastazie nee SUBERT (see HLUBIK) (pg. 164)SUGAREK, Frantisek arrived 1856 from the village of Klokocov, Slovakia (pg. 15)SVRCEK, Jan F. b. Dec. 25, 1867, arrived in Williamson Co., Tx. in 1884 from the village of Ticha, Moravia (pg 386)SZYMANSKI, Rev. Josef b. Aug. 7, 1873, arrived with parents in Detroit in 1892 from the village of Lubawa, Wesern Prussia (pg. 481)------- End of forwarded message -------
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