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9878Re: [TexasCzechs] Sorry: private e-mail to the group.

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  • Jan
    Nov 2 5:33 PM
      Thank goodness you Czechs started talking again.  Maybe I've missed it, but I have not seen very much "talking" going on lately (as I've been lurking....)   : - )
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      Sent: Friday, November 02, 2001 11:08 AM
      Subject: Re: [TexasCzechs] Sorry: private e-mail to the group.

      You make Sir John sound like a perfectionist!  That he is not!  <G>
      If ya want to stir something up, we might try to make some Chicken Soup with the feet and all ingredients.  Save a BIG bowl for Steve!
      Personally, I believe the list is doing very well.  The TexasCzechs list is somewhat different from other lists in that we have our genealogy, but lot of personal/daily/whatever activity we share with each other.  I believe this makes our list interesting.  I have learned a lot of Czech history from these postings.  I now really appreciate the shower I am able to take after reading how the weekly bath water was used among the family.
      These postings are interesting, share the life of our forefathers and family, plus some of the pretty girls/ladies know how to pick cotton, tend the goats, care for the horses, and still make clothes from flour/feed sacks, mend the boys/men's work clothes, cook, doctor, etc. Many of my ancestors wives died before the men, and no wonder after I learned what they had to do.
      But, must admit we have had a message or two, or three, from time to time, of the possibility of cutting down on the "Thank yous'", etc..  Some might enjoy these postings, and many others have other list they belong to, resulting in hundred(s) of postings a day to go through.  It would be a help to the list if these personal notes would be sent in private, really...
      So, Susan, you got a book out of me!!!!  Didn't mean it, and took some time to do as I still have the left wrist in a cast from fall three weeks ago on wet sidewalk; the arm now in a sling from fall last Friday at home, landing on the concrete porch - I did not know damaged muscles and shoulder socket out of alignment hurt so much!!!!  The doctor and kids have me where they think I am safe, in the house and took keys away from the car until I get through with this strong muscle relaxant and pain reliever!  HA!  They forgot about the riding lawn mower!!!!
      Till the next fall (autumn, I hope), Sir John is being Humble!!!!

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