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  • Steve Alvarez
    Aug 27, 2001
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      Hi Gang
      Ok, I am now up to date with the obits and we are at 1232 obits using  2.97 MB.
      Here is the listing of 51 names given to me for about the last month.  Thanks go to Darlene, Pat, Larry, Matt, Bea & Dan, Richard Garza, Erwin, Lois,and Mary  for this group of obits. If I left anyone out it was unintended. 
      If you see any errors or links which do not work let me know. I try to be carefully but I do make mistakes once in awhile. (grin)   It will take about 1 to 2 hours for the names to be indexed for the search engine.  If you plan on looking up these names right away, you will have to use the name index.
      Now, back to my other project.  Happy hunting.
      The obits can be found at.
      If you would like me to post an obit in the obit section.  Just send them to the group and I can get them from there.  All obits are welcomed for posting.
      Anderle John
      Beale (Greive) Rose
      Berckenhoff Florine Obit 2
      Berckenhoff Willie
      Berger (Heinzel) Annie
      Bleier (Stuter) Helen
      Dierschke Larry
       Frei Otillia
      Girard Jim
      Hanus (Navara) Lidma
      Holub (Berckenhoff) Elexca Obit 2
      Jahn (Wenske) Marie
      Janecka (Sitka) Mary
      Kasper Rudolph
      Konesheck Chester
      Konvicka Victor 1
      Konvicka Victor 2
      Konvicka Victor 3
      Kova (Cernosek) Anges
      Kresta (Welfl) Agnes
      Kroeger (Dolejsi) Alvina
      Lahrmann E. (Martinak) Frances Obit 1
      Lahrmann E. (Martinak) Frances Obit 2
      Machart (Derrich) Hilda Obit 2
      Machu Elise
      Masek (Janek) Olga Obit 2
      Mitchell (Berckenhoff) Elenora
      Pavlik Adolf
      Pechacek (Spice) Hattie
      Pechacek (Teel) Denese
      Pechacek Athie
      Pechacek Otto
      Pohler (Koncaba) Emma
      Raska (York) Ima Obit 1
      Raska (York) Ima Obit 2
      Raska (York) Ima Obit 3
      Rost Evelyn
      Siptak Ed
      Smajstrla Eugene
      Sodolak (Chauloupka) Gertrude
      Stasny Charles
      Stastny Arnold Sr.
      Stavinoha Justin
      Stobbe (Lipka) Margaret
      Stoerner Erwin
      Valchar (Lambrecht) Betty
      Valchar Richard
      Veselka (Janca) Lydia
      Zacharias (Berkenhoff) Margaret
      Zetka Joe Sr.
      Zwernemann (Priebe) Alida
      God Bless
      Steve Alvarez
      Zaruba, Lastovica, Pavlicek
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