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  • Spencer
    Jul 31, 2001
      My father was Theordore (Ted) Franklin Polansky, born October
      27, 1912, in Caldwell, Texas. His father was Adolph Polansky.
      His mother was Mary (maiden name unknown).

      My dad had several siblings: Joe, Louis, Dan, Verna, Beatrice
      and maybe more.

      I believe that the family had either a small general store and/or
      farmed cotton in the Caldwell area.

      During the early 1930s my dad caught a train and ended up in
      San Bernardino, CA with this brother Joe (and maybe Louis).
      They worked odd jobs....my dad became a sheet metal worker
      and subsequently worked on a building in Los Angeles (the
      original CSB Radio Columbia Square on Sunset Boulevard).
      From that experience he was employed by CSB for over 20

      In the 1970's (80's ?) my uncle Louis Polansky (retired Col. US
      Air Force) visited Caldwell and met with several folks with the
      Polansky surname. I know nothing more than that.

      Do you know of my family?

      I am 53 years old and one of two sons of Ted Polansky.

      Thank you,

      Bill Polansky
      Santa Barbara, California
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