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7906Re: Information On Summer Genealogy Conference

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  • Richard Kotrla
    Jun 9, 2001

      First of all I apologize that your message to my verizon address
      had problems getting there. That concerns me and I will have to
      call the tech desk and see what's going on. Maybe that's why I am
      not getting some other messages I have been expecting.....

      Now why the message is scrambled I don't know.

      I will resend as a text file.

      Sorry about that!!

      Richard Kotrla

      --- In TexasCzechs@y..., "Mary J. Heard" <mjkraitc@k...> wrote:
      > Richard, Jak se mas?
      > I tried sending this to your verizon e-mail address and it was
      > saying the "recipient was not liked," so I will use your
      > address.
      > I received your message "Information on Summer Genealogy Conference"
      > no problem. However, the attachment was, for me, a great problem.
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