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  • Marie Neuman Gottfried
    Jul 1, 2000
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      In the last issue of Nase rodina, newsletter of the Czechoslovak
      Genealogical Society International, was mentioned two things of
      interest to me.

      First: Charlene Hurta has been appointed CGSI's Regional
      Representative for Texas. Her job includes possibly putting on the
      2003 National CGSI Conference in Texas.

      Charlene is also head of the committee planning our July CHS
      genealogy seminar. CGSI is watching us to see how well we do. The
      planned conference is excellent: locations, speakers, activities, and

      The only thing needed is people to attend the conference. Please
      support the conference. It will be a great one! You do not have to
      be a CHS member to attend, so spread the good news.

      Second: The CGSI library has added this book to its collection:
      Serf, Seigneur, and Sovereign--Agrarian Reform in Eighteenth-Century
      Bohemia. Author: William F. Wright, Associate Professor of history
      at the University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota Press, 1966.

      This book probably will answer all my questions about feudalism. I
      can't get to Minnsota to look at it and at present, I'm home-bound.
      I'm just curious to see if anyone out there has it.

      If anyone has access to a catalog from University of Minnesota Press,
      please send me the address. Perhaps it can be still ordered. I need
      to do my homework on this, but it is so easy to ask the group!

      Marie Neuman Gottfried
      Pattison, TX
      Waller County