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779My Zelechovice highlight

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  • John L. Mikeska
    Jul 1, 2000
      Hi members,
      Have had some requests for photos of Zelechovice and Zadverice, CZ, which are birth places of my kin in CZ.  While waiting for our guide to locate instructions to the municipal building, I photographed a dwelling with a very large tree, similar to a Mimosa tree, almost as tall as the two story house beside it.  Later, to my pleasant surprise, the dwelling was number 35 in Zelechovice, and birth/death location of many of my kin.  My genealogy data includes Mikeska marriages to Nedbaleks, and to my second surprise, Nedbaleks still own and live in the home.  I was sorry they were not home.
      My data indicates my gt/grandfather, Joseph Mikeska, was born in this house 11 May 1846.  He had sister Anna B. 20 Jul 1848; Brother Frantisek born 28 Jul 1850; sister Rozina born 16 Nov 1851, who died 18 Sep 1856.  Sister Anna was born 17 Oct 1854, and died 10 July 1855.  The last sister, that I know of, was born 13 May 1857, and named Rozina, evidently after her deceased sister.  This is one, of two, instances where I have children renamed after deceased siblings.
      I know the house is 154 years old, and appears to have been well cared for.  From what I saw on a few houses being torn down or damaged from evidently vehicle accidents, these older homes had brick walls, appearing close to a foot thick, with stucco over the brick.  Over 95% of the dwelling have RED tile roofs.  Most of the older homes are handed down to siblings.  The few homes being built in the CZ Republic are by new couples. 
      More photo and information coming!  Motormouth is back!!! :-)   I had a G R E A T trip and a wonderful time.
      Sir John, Earl of Berkshire
      What good is information if not shared with others?
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