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7705Re: [TexasCzechs] Lois: Screws

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  • Lois Petter Pereira
    May 22, 2001
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      Make sure they get the loose screw, we know you have. (smile) Hope
      everything goes OK on May 29.
      Will your treatments be done after that?
      I will be through with the radiation but not really through with all.
      First is the endocrinologist for all the many pills I will be on the
      rest of my life. Then the eye doctor after 3 months for glasses and see
      what she can do for my blind eye. As far as the loose screw, there is no
      hope for that. I was born with a screw loose. So there...............

      Lois Petter Pereira
      Researching Ahlhorn, Bokemeyer, Brdusik, Bruntrig, Cordes, Filges,
      Francis, Garney, Gebauer, Hadac, Hadash, Halla, Hauser, Hoelschel,
      Kaskie, Maciejewski, Manak, Nauger, Ollre, Orsag, Orsak, Otjen, Papiz,
      Pavlik, Pereira, Petter, Polasek, Pratka, Psencik, Rada, Rohan,
      Sablatura, Schaub, Schroeder, Slovack, Susil, Tiemann, Urban, Weiser.
      Home Page: http://ourczech.homestead.com/
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