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74033Re: [TexasCzechs] Searching for Employer of Maid-my ancestor

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  • Peggy Harmon
    Apr 19, 2014
      I recently did my DNA through ancestry and it shows the percentage, and mine showed Europe Jew, I was not aware of any of that in my bloodline. It does give you a percentage and trace amounts, that could determine if it were true?  I had a lot more Scandanavian than first thought. 

      Peggy Harmon, CPC
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      On Saturday, April 19, 2014 2:31 PM, Shantelle Grace <buzzinggrace@...> wrote:
      Where do I go from here?  My great great grandfather, Josef Volny, was illegitimate.  He was born in Rychaltice in House No. 12 on 31 May 1859.  His mother's name was Barbara Volny and she was born as well in Rychaltice in House No. 12 on 01 May 1835.  It was always a family story that we were part Jewish or had some Jewish blood in us.  Then when I started researching my genealogy, I found out that a distant cousin also did some research and found out that supposedly Barbara Volny was employed in the home of a Jewish family and became pregnant.  Can this be true?  I don't know.  I was trying to find out the employer, but unfortunately, Rychaltice does not have any 1857 census records.  So am I at an impasse? 
      My question is, would she have been employed locally or in a bigger Jewish community?  I have been coordinating with Martin Pytr in the CR.  He has given me a list of the villages that had some Jewish records kept in the Parishes.  From this list, I have looked at the census for Pribor in 1857, found about 6 Jewish families.  I also looked at the Census for Hukvaldy for 1880 and found one Jewish family:  Shonhof.  They employed a maid from Merkovice and a cook from Petrivald.  In 1890, they employed a Pospech? from Rychaltice.
      So what should I do?  Keep looking at census records for 1857 around the area for those that exist?  Anyone else have a similar dilemma? 
      Any insight is greatly appreciated.
      Shantelle Grace

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