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70277Texans and storms and explosions

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  • PJ Fowler
    May 19, 2013
      Texans and Texasczechs have experienced some very unusual  misfortunes this month.  I was not personally affected like others but I feel for those that have had some very bad experiences.

      Having said this, I have been thinking back in storm history.  Texans and Texasczechs experienced storms, cyclone and toronados May 6, 1930 which was close on the year to May 15, 2013 date in North Texas.  Ennis, Texas suffered from a cyclone which was part of the one that destroyed the town of Frost, Texas.

      I have been searching to find who were the ones that lost their lives in Ennis from that storm.  My grandpa, Anton Trojacek, lost the barn that was on our farm; I remember that the Laznovsky farm just 1/2 mile to the north east also had damage; a Zaludek lost his home to the south of Ennis and died from his injuries in June of that year who was the 7th victim.

      Does anyone have photos or information of others that suffered in Ennis back then?  On May 15, 2013, there were a number of Czech families that suffered damage but no loss of life.  It is as if the storm of 1930 and 2013 took almost the same path east from Ennis.  Very interesting....

      I would love to hear your family stories...

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