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69864Marek medical information

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  • G Martisek
    Apr 24, 2013
      All you Marek descendants out there---
      Does anyone have any specific information regarding medical history on this line?
      Specifically, John Marek born 1844 in Janov, Moravia   married Anna Vojtek born May 1852, Janova.
      We have discovered that John and Anna's daughter Theresa Marek Holy died from breast cancer.  In turn, her daughter, Theresa Holy Koncaba also died from breast cancer.  Theresa Holy Koncaba's daughter, Evelyn Koncaba Martisek died from ovarian cancer.  One of Evelyn's daughter's has had breast cancer and this daughter's daughter passed away at 33 from breast cancer. 
      We have identified the gene mutation that has caused the most recent death, but were curious of other deaths/illnesses that may confirm this also.
      Gerri Martisek
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