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68570Re: Citation of Matriky records

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  • Patricia Elleven
    Feb 11, 2013

      While we're on the topic of the Cz archives, I have a few questions.

      Well the first is not a question, but I'm using the actapublica.eu archives for southern Moravia. The pages are REALLY slow to load, but they are upgrading now. Hopefully it will improve. Still it's exciting.

      OK, questions!
      #1 -Does anyone have recommendations for genealogists in the Czech Republic who will translate archive entries? A few times I used Blanka Lednicka, who runs the wonderful but infrequently updated blog Czech Genealogy for Beginners...but she may be sick. Her mail came back with an auto responding that google translates as she is ill will not be answering mail for a while.

      I can decipher the later archives -mid-late 19th century or so - with some work, but earlier than that, I just can't read the handwriting. Especially if it's in German kurrent script. Yikes. I need help.

      #2 - same question but for Hungary. Has anyone done research in Hungary? Do you know of any researchers there?

      #3 - The actapublic.eu archives cannot be printed as far as I can tell. I end up taking screen shots. Has anyone ever written away to get physical hard copies of their treasured finds?


      Pat Elleven

      Researching Elleven, Janku/Janeck, Zhanel, Pavlacka, Sevcik

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