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68133obit: Mrs. Adolph Starustka

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  • Rosemary Ermis
    Jan 17, 2013
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      Houston, Texas.  June 27.-- No arrests had been made late today following the finding of the body of Mrs. Adolph Starustka, 35 years old, in the woods near Sunset Heights yesterday afternoon, strangled to death by a handkerchief knotted around her neck.  The District Attorney's office was investigating, with only the story of the husband, a blacksmith, to work on.


      Starustka, who said he had been searching for his wife since she left home the night before, appeared with another Bohemian, who speaks English, to act as his interpreter.


      Five children are left motherless by Mrs. Starustka's death, Elizabeth, 11 years old, Mary 10; Adolph, 5, Frances, 2, and Jeram, 1 year old.


      Both the District Attorney and Justice Leon Lusk took statements from the husband.  Justice Lusk is withholding his inquest, awaiting further investigation.


      Dallas Morning News, June 28, 1922


      Submitted by Rosemary Ermis

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