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67131Re: Unable to read posts

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  • Laura
    Nov 20, 2012
      Hi Mike,

      You said,
      <One thing that can be done to overcome the problem is to click-on
      "Options" in the message header, and then click-on "View Source" to see the complete message in what I presume is a non-formatted version. Then you will have to scroll down the view the intended body of the message.>

      That does work, thanks. I do hope the original way of viewing the messages returns to those of us who are experiencing this problem though. I too have felt it has something to do with Yahoo. Like you said, it's a vexing situation, but, Rosemary, we're not blaming you.

      Mike, you also said,
      >The one message that Lolly listed as not being able to
      > fully opened was message # 67104, and that message was posted by
      > Rosemary. I was able to read that particular message in its entirety.>

      I apologize for listing #67104 as I am able to read it in its entirety also. I listed those messages in too big of a hurry. Sorry.

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