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67129Re: [TexasCzechs] Re: Unable to read posts

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  • Robert and Nancy
    Nov 20, 2012
      I suspect that the problem lies somewhere in the group settings on the
      YahooGroup homepage. YahooGroups may have made some changes to their
      default group settings that caused this problem. Could one of the
      moderators check to see if there is something that can be changed to fix the


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      From: "Mike" <mike.hejl@...>
      To: <TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 7:21 PM
      Subject: [TexasCzechs] Re: Unable to read posts

      > Well folks, I Czeched-out all the messages listed by Lolly. Applying a
      > scientific method (off sorts), all but one of the numerous messages
      > listed by Lolly were submitted by Rosemary Ermis (rose.ermis) and are
      > amongst her frequent "obit" postings, which all members should greatly
      > appreciate. The one message that Lolly listed as not being able to
      > fully opened was message # 67104, and that message was posted by
      > Rosemary. I was able to read that particular message in its entirety.
      > So, Rosemary, did you change how you were submitting your obits a few
      > months ago, when I first noticed the problem??? Not being an expert at
      > this sort of thing, I can only surmise that there is some sort of
      > formatting problem and it may not even be related to anything that
      > Rosemary has been doing lately, but it is frustrating to not be able to
      > fully read a posted message.
      > One thing that can be done to overcome the problem is to click-on
      > "Options" in the message header, and then click-on "View Source" to see
      > the complete message in what I presume is a non-formatted version. Then
      > you will have to scroll down the view the intended body of the message.
      > Perhaps one of the moderators can come-up with a solution to what seems
      > to be a vexing problem.
      > By the way, I use a derivative of the Firefox browser to view online
      > posts and I have disabled all ad-blocking programs on the TexasCzechs
      > website.
      > Mike Hejl
      > --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, "Laura" <laura.pilgrim@...> wrote:
      >> Thanks againCarl, but I've tried that before too(and again today) and
      > it doesn't open them either. The following messages, No. 67097, 67099,
      > 67101, 67102, 67104, 67110, 67111, 67112, 67113, 67116, 67122, and 67123
      > do not open. (I didn't check any further back than No. 67097).
      >> As you can see, it is an intermitent problem and the messages in
      > between these numbers open just fine. I am just "living with it" as they
      > say.
      >> Wondering if you are having problems with the same numbered messages
      > that I am, Valorie? Or did Carl's suggestions solve the problem for
      > you?
      >> Thanks, Lolly
      >> --- In TexasCzechs@yahoogroups.com, "carlgenlnrt" carlgenlnrt@ wrote:
      >> >
      >> > Another option would be at the very top above the message number
      > there is "Messages: Simplify | Expand". Select "Expand" and you can
      > read 30 messages on one screen.
      >> >
      >> > Carl
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      > Remember: You can alway set your account to Digest Mode for less mail.
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