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66245Re: [TexasCzechs] Update: CzechsofTexas Website

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  • Melissa Eckhoff
    Oct 1, 2012
      Thank you for bringing to my attention that there were more ads being presented than should have been (I assume that's what you were bringing to my attention, otherwise, please be more specific).

      I found a coding mistake that was presenting multiple levels, when there should have only been one or two.

      The ads on my website only help to offset a small portion of hosting fees, as the hosting, storage, and data usage for a website with a large number of images (and growing) can become expensive.  There is not even revenue left to apply to travel expenses associated with gathering all of this information personally from cemeteries throughout Texas.  Anything from ads goes directly back into the website.

      I see no point in which revenue from ads will ever exceed expenses and at no time plan to turn a profit and am continuing to experiment with placement to ensure that they do not disrupt the flow of the website.

      For anyone that has issues with ads, there are a number of applications that do an excellent job in blocking ads for all major web browsers.

      This website is strictly to bring together people of Czech Heritage to share information and communicate with one another.  Over time, I will incorporate even more functionality into the site to further enhance communication, which in turn, further increases expenses.

      If you have any concerns, please email me directly.

      Thank you,


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      Just curious, I notice all the ads on the site.   Do you make money from those ads or is that part of the "free" for using the site.

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      Subject: [TexasCzechs] Update: CzechsofTexas Website

      Hello all, 

      I have just posted 19 "Obituary Match-Ups". What is an "Obituary Match-Up"? It is where I have matched an obituary, picture of the person, and their tombstone. I hope it helps with some of your research. You will find these obituaries in the "Newly Added" section of the website, near the bottom.


      Melissa Eckhoff

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