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6407Sir John

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  • John L. Mikeska
    Mar 10, 2001
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      Gonna run my status! Attached is photo of Sir John having lunch
      at the Mozart Cafe, Vienna, Austria June 9. 2000.

      Yep, big (read fat) guy. But if I took out my hidden 'billfold'
      that had strap around my neck and hung just above my belt line,
      would look 20 pounds lighter! <G>

      Don't show this to anyone until after lunch. Well, that time
      now, I see!

      Hope all are having a great time.

      Sir John, Earl of Berkshire
      What good is information if not shared with others?
      Researching: Mikeska, Scasta/Stasta, Balcar, Nedbalek, Garrett,
      Trimble, Holcomb(e)
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